I was at Brissie for B2GC100km charity ride and stayed there for 6 nights holiday.I saw this bike repair station and checked it out to find that I was riding at 70psi at rear tyre so I pumped it up to 97psi as I don`t want a blowout.As you can see that someone had tangled the wires for tools so I untangled it in under 10 mins for other riders to use it.So I don`t know that it will be tangled up again by inconsiderate persons.

It would look good if it can be used in Sydney but it would attract vandals to make it inconvenience for riders to use it.

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No probs,Kylie. :)

I`d like to help out and I`m a volunteer to fix bikes @ WSCN bike shed every Wednesdays.

Cafes need this, that way you can order some coffee and food and fix your bike at the same time!

Good idea Susan.

Think it might be in recessed wall to pull out and locked away in after hours...

Hi, I'm curious if you know what psi this pump could go up to?

Hi Tom,

It goes up to 160psi. I think or 140psi. Only goes to Brissie yearly for the ride and holiday.

I went back to there again this year. I`ve checked it out last Tuesday and it goes up to 180psi on the dial.

looks good david, you did your good deed for the day.

Thank you, stephen.

Been back this year again to see if someone had tangled it up or not. I was happy to see it didn`t. :)

But someone tightened the valve to shraeder and I can`t unscrew it to french but it need pliers to unscrew as I haven`t got the pliers with me. :(

ps, there`s no pliers in there.

There is at least one other station like this at Southbank in Brisbane - down by the river near the ferry terminal. I've used it once but go past it regularly.

Sadly, vandalism is common and the tools are frequently stolen. I'm glad they keep persisting though as it would be a great shame to lose it. Having it attached to a business would be a better idea as there would be some custodianship of it.


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