Hello, We're looking for a broad representation of riders to come to a meeting to form a lasting Cycle Centennial ( see cyclecentennial.org ) on Wednesday 18/4/12 at 6pm.

Email marty@cyclecentennial.org or ring 0434 923 959

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Good video on the http://cyclecentennial.org/ page but sort of ignores the EITR, too many cars.

Moving the children's path may not solve problems because motorists will still be parking opposite, under the trees, and walking across to this part of the park, will they not, for a picnic or a walk. Also, cars will still be crossing the cycle path on Grand Drive to get into the central section of CP. Some sort of demand management is needed, to reduce the number of cars. Such as, better public transport, parking charges, as has been suggested on other threads. Any room for these sort of ideas in this group?

Bob, Yes. Give me a call if you can. (My mum died this morn, no time for all the other things I have to do).

I'm not clear what the purpose of the meeting on Wednesday would be.

I live within 2 minutes ride from Centennial Park and cycle through each day, but what will happen at a meeting on Wednesday if I turned up?

Perspective! Give me a ring, or give me your number Tom. No time right now for typing.


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