Does anyone or do you know anyone who commutes from Sutherland to city?

Colleague is thinking of commuting.

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Hi Rob, I got this link off somebody from this site. This is my go to website every time I need to find a new bike route. Route from Sutherland looks pretty good based on this.

Also try Ride the City. But yes, having someone to show you the way is a good idea.

Yes, I commute from Loftus to the City ( to just behind Central Station).

Here is a link to the ABC social media site where I have posted the links to my routes.

I ride in by way of the water and home using the inland route west of the railway.

The ABC site also includes a link to a slideshow of gates and bridges on the ride, as an enticer!

Happy riding!

I very much enjoyed the slide show!

- and that also provides some alternative options from Sutherland - Tempe I could use- thanks x 2.

Excellent - PM me if I can help further

Happy pedalling!

Thanks for your help.

I will forward this info to my colleague

He is actually riding Sutherland to Garden Island

Then I suggest your colleague ride - this is my wif'e's route:

From George St (Redfern) right at the roundabout at Wellington St

Follow Wellington St over Elizabeth St and left onto Moorhead St

Right at Danks St, left at Young St

Right at Phillip St (my personal preference is over Phillip St and right at Zamia St)

Then onto the fabulous Bourke St cycleway.......

What a great ride that will be! 


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