I am looking for a partner (or even a group!) for riding in Centennial Park.

I am 14 and ride a hybrid bike but am able to keep a reasonably fast pace. I have been doing many laps around the park for a few months but it gets a bit tedious.

Willing to ride around 2- 2.5 hours.

I can mainly do afternoons and weekends but i dont like riding in the rain

If anyone is willing i  would love some company. I dont mind if conversations etc. are mature.

There is a specially marked track for cycling too.

Anyone want to join me?


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Hi Leighton, if you've not found someone to ride with yet, I'd suggest looking into a club and joining. Sydney University has a club (SUVelo) and Dulwich Hill (DHBC) is a very welcoming club. I'm not sure how many clubs have junior options or if they'd be too keen on you coming with a hybrid so it may be time to try and get a road bike!

Good luck with the riding!

Leighton, I can't help with afternoons in Centennial Park, but have you thought about riding track?  

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club has junior track training at Tempe- actually called Canterbury Velodrome.  It's right next to Tempe Station so easy to get to on the train.  Wednesday nights for a couple of hours and there is a structured program. You don't even need a bike because you can borrow one while you learn.  

Leighton, have you contacted Randwick High School or Sydney Boys High School?  They should encourage cycle-to-school over short distances, even making cycling part of their sports programs.


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