Compared to Perth and Melbourne cycling infrastructure in Sydney is virtually nonexistant

I've just ridden three days in each city covering about 150km in each. Do Sydney cyclists realise just how extensive the networks are in Melbourne and Perth? They are more like European Cities. But the anomaly of one bike Australian city being so pathetic when others are good is very unlike Europe. Take any country there and infrastructure is fairly consistent. Indeed, consistently good. As the years go by, Sydney just gets more full of cars. Cycling is for the brave. Meanwhile, other states have plugged away for decades and cycling is a genuine option for ordinary people. RMS in NSW needs a clean out.

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Pretty sad,

".."When we looked at the people [cycling] who are dying most on the roads – Middle-Aged Men In Lycra (MAMILs) – it didn't surprise us because they're the only ones left riding on the road," Ms Wallace said..."

But its all going to be good after 2056 !!!

Yes.  I was in Mbne last week and stayed around the Carlton/Fitzroy area.  That statistic where 1 in 5 women ride a bike in NSW was borne out down there.  1 Bikes everywhere.  All types at all times of day and night.  Mix up of 40,50 and 60 Km/h roads. 2  Lots of females riding bikes.  Lots.  All sorts of ages.  Those green lanes at the intersections were adhered to by the motor vehicles and the bikes.  I was shocked.  Of course that was the inner city and it still can be better, but they are as Noelbike says, steadily working towards.

As for 2056.  I'll be 95 then, so well and truly, likely dead.  It is (insert profanity) just more of the same old crap.  The news article summed it really well.

Perth is a great cycling city. Perhaps because the trains are so damn expensive, it is either drive, ride, or walk for most people. Fortunately there is decent vehicular infrastructure here that drivers don't race down back streets to try to beat gridlocked arteries. They also have train lines and cycle paths that follow the freeways. Only downside is that "normal" bikes are not allowed on peak hour trains. Hence my recent foray into folding bikes.

But yeah, Sydney is really an alpha release of a city and the others have looked upon how Sydney does things, and does the opposite.


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