A great British road bike in very good condition.

Brought to Australia around 1992 but barely ridden here due to fear of local road conditions.Has been stored in dry garage and is in great shape.

Probably needs new tyres and tubes, but rides well as is.

All Campag Chorus fittings, some light grazing but functionally undamaged.

Reynolds 653 tubing with Condor pantographed lugs.

I would love to keep but just a tad too small for me.

Will sell for $800 or nearest serious offer.

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more Condor photos here.


I so want this.

I hate the colours (sorry) & I think it may be a smidge too big. But I love it!

What campy group is it & what's the CTC on the top tube?

Yep, not the most impressive colours. I gather they were part of a local team.

The top and seat tubes are both 53 cm (will confirm tomorrow when I double check) and the groupset is Chorus.


(excuse if double posted, seemed to lose previous reply)

Hi Michael,

Is that 8 Sp?

And the wheels, Scirocco? couldn't quite read it in the pics.



Yes Dan,

Campag Scirocco 20 wheelset (700c) and Chorus 8 speed groupset.

The frame is definitely 53 cm (21 inch) top and seat tubes, centre-to-centre.

Thanks Michael,

I'm interested,...

Probably a silly question but would you by any chance consider selling the wheels separately?

Just putting it out there...


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