I just got this from Clover Moore/City of Sydney:

Connected Cycleways a Must
I’m writing to you because you previously contacted me in support of a connected bike network into and through central Sydney. Thank you for your support.

The NSW Government and the City of Sydney have jointly agreed on a connected bike network in the
city centre that we all need. Cycling infrastructure increases the capacity of existing roads and makes it safer for all. Together the government and the City are investing in separated cycleways and linking
them to existing and new bicycle networks.

Vested-interest groups and right-wing media have stepped up their campaign in recent weeks against
the City’s safe, separated bike network.
Despite the fact that bike networks are a normal part of other global cities, these groups say Sydney
doesn’t need one.

Despite support from most of the community and business, they say no-one wants a network.
And despite thousands of riders on our network every day, they say no-one is riding.
They ignore facts and will stop at nothing to halt progress.
We need you to speak louder than they do!

Here’s what to do:
Let your voice be heard and register your support for the NSW Government’s and the City of Sydney’s
network plans.

Use social media, call or write to:
the NSW Premier, The Hon. Mike Baird MP, at www.nsw.gov.au/your-government/contact-premier-new-south-wales ;
the Minister for Roads, The Hon. Duncan Gay MLC, at www.nsw.gov.au/contact-minister-roads-freight
; or
the Minister for Transport, The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, at www.nsw.gov.au/contacttransportminister .

Heard business doesn’t support bikes?

Here’s what they really say:
The Sydney Business Chamber: “Most businesses now support staff who want to cycle to work.”
The Property Council: “I know the debate about bike paths can be a contentious one – but it is
being led by people who work in the city. This is evident in the growing number of property
managers installing bike lockers and showers in office buildings.”
The Committee for Sydney: “It is reassuring to see the ongoing commitment to light rail, strategic
improvements for pedestrians and the continued rollout of cycleways.”
Meriton: “As more Sydneysiders start cycling, we have embraced the benefits and want to
encourage our residents to do the same. A lack of bicycle parking has been a common frustration
for apartment dwellers in Sydney to date. We are building tomorrow’s communities and cycling is
only going to become more popular as a means of transport.”
I urge you to please make sure your voice is heard.

Yours sincerely
Clover Moore
Lord Mayor of Sydney

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Currently around 843 "signatures"
I heard today from a BNSW source that RMS is now backtracking on the Castlereagh cycleway, citing problems with delivery vehicles.

I've been hearing similar from others for a couple of weeks now. I can't say I'm surprised, despite some initial optimism after the release of the City Centre Access Strategy. Will be interesting what, if anything, happens to College St now if Castlereagh doesn't go ahead. It would also render the almost completed Campbell St cycleway yet another disconnected link at the western end. Such lack of vision from the state government.

I've written to Roads Minister Gay, using the link above.  It's easy!  I'd suggest write to him - he's the one with the money for cycleways!

Don't forget Gladys as well.

She is sympathetic to cycleways and should have Duncan's ear as well.

They both need to have this explained.


I'm wondering whether CoS ought to promote take-the-lane cycling, by way of making a point about the benefit to drivers of having good cycling infrastructure.

And the one no doubt behind the backtracking, appeasing his constituency.

Surely deliveries could be arranged as in Pitt St mall, pre 7 am. Or some creative solution found like a 20 km zone during the delivery time and the Bus Lane reverting to general traffic for an hour or two, to allow trucks to use it or cars to pass parked trucks. Traffic is pretty light in early afternoon in my experience.
Or donors

or drop off zones for trucks which link up with appropriate delivery/ feeder vehicles parked in just one car space of each and every building found in the cbd.

You want it now, you ride and get it now.

goodness Im old enough to remember the first time they created pitt street mall ,the hew and cry about deliveries opened it again ,now who would even want pitt street opened again? They adjusted .

That's worth mentioning to Duncan

I have one like this also.


Please *EVERYONE* .... get those emails flowing!!!

Now is not the time to sit and watch other people do the advocacy work, numbers are the go :-)


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