Cooper T200 Reims - my potential next bike... your thoughts please

Walking past the LBS tonight I spy this little beauty. A Cooper (as in the cars) Reims 5-speed internal.

What do you think? I want a weekend bike, something that's more handsome that my commuter. Doesn't need mudguards, panniers, etc. It's just for tearing around the local area.

  • Reynolds 531 frame
  • Tektro R538/RL720 brakes
  • Sturmey Archer 5 speed internal hub (I've currently got an 8 speed Nexus hub)
  • More specs here

I know a little about Reynolds but not sure of the quality of other components. Would really love your advice please if you can spare a minute. 

They are asking $1600 for it but I can get it for $1000 on Evans (haven't checked delivery cost though)

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cf The Pashley Gov'nor????

more like a 52... and i'm too whimpy for single speed or fixie, I like gears

thanks though

You're never too whimpy for a SS. Just lower the gear ratio, by changing the front chain ring to a smaller one. If you find it too easy, try a slightly bigger one.

I like the Cooper, but not sure about the Archer hub. I've never heard of 'em, but then I don't go much for internal gears.

I was looking at a Cooper T100 Sebring from Bike Culture Sans Souci not long ago - but it was easily double my allowed budget.

Asking everybody's advice is much too sensible.  Go with your heart for once!

Because we're twins, separated at birth.

Impulse buying is the only way to go

Just like to point out that not people ride in the drops whilst in traffic.

OK, so you got me. I'm in the drops every time I hit Oxford St ;-)

Shit... screw flat bars! I'm off to get a (very) tall bike. What would happen if I was behind a bus or truck!?!?!?!

Nothing for it but a penny farthing then...

I admit I am in love with the style first... it's just so handsome!

I take your point that it's worth test riding first. I have to make sure the geometry works for me otherwise it's no point. Problem is that they don't have the 52cm in stock at the LBS. 

I'm also looking at the Pashley Guv'nor which has flat bars... but... 


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