Cooper T200 Reims - my potential next bike... your thoughts please

Walking past the LBS tonight I spy this little beauty. A Cooper (as in the cars) Reims 5-speed internal.

What do you think? I want a weekend bike, something that's more handsome that my commuter. Doesn't need mudguards, panniers, etc. It's just for tearing around the local area.

  • Reynolds 531 frame
  • Tektro R538/RL720 brakes
  • Sturmey Archer 5 speed internal hub (I've currently got an 8 speed Nexus hub)
  • More specs here

I know a little about Reynolds but not sure of the quality of other components. Would really love your advice please if you can spare a minute. 

They are asking $1600 for it but I can get it for $1000 on Evans (haven't checked delivery cost though)

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So Kimberly, I would enjoy to know which model Soma caught your fancy. When I spoke to Colin at WW several weeks ago, he was promoting Soma builds.

Having a multi speed bike allows you to travel further, with efficiency. I think you need be a very strong rider to limit yourself to less than seven gears in hilly Sydney. This excludes the SA wide range three speed hub, but ...

I got the Smoothie and I love it. Love love love! 

I was riding out of Bondi Beach with the 3-speed which was challenging! But doable. 

But of course the Soma with Shimano 105 is a dream. 

I had Nat downstairs in the shop at WW build it up and he and his colleague did a great job. Spent a lot of time explaining all the details with me and measuring etc etc. Best LBS experience I've had in Sydney.


nice :-)

Nice one. Nothing quite like a custom bike for pride of ownership. When I climb out of Bondi these days, I need 25 GI to be comfortable. And when I venture to Bondi on the scooter, I am reminded of your unfortunate experience.



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