I have to admit that I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to going out in the cold early in the morning.  I don't like the cold, which means that I cycle less in winter.

I'm curious to find out how people deal with the cold in winter, especially for their morning commute.

What extra gear do you use: pants? hats? jackets?  what works for you?

Do you do anything different? 

Do you anything do warm yourself up?

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Thanks for the tips John.

I like the idea of thicker socks or maybe double socks. It's important to keep the feet warm.

I don't even have a hat that covers my ears! Tells you how unprepared I am. I'll get one.

Gloves? I didn't think of that. How cold does it need to be before you consider gloves?

Having wintered in Austria, Canada and even Lapland, Sydney's winters are pretty mild in the scheme of things, and much better for cycling than summer in my view.

This time of year I arrive at work without raising a sweat which is nice.

When it's really cold, like an early starter in the Blue Mountains, I start the ride with a long sleeve polypro shirt under my jersey. I take it off once things warm up a bit, and it folds up to almost nothing.

I wear full finger gloves year-round, however I switch to a slightly thicker pair for winter, as opposed to the thin Coolmax ones I wear in summer.
i'm similar to John.

As summer starts fading, i go from short nicks and short sleeved shirt, and gradually add layers.

Armwarmers are good, long finger gloves. A baselayer shirt helps break the wind on your chest, and then a vest/gilet really keeps the core warm and blocks the wind.

Knee warmers are good if they stay in place, but as winter hits, i go for the long tights/nicks.

Keeping the ears warm is good with a skull cap which covers the ears, and some toe warmers over the outside of your shoes keeps the wind out of your shoes.

You get a good feel for it just by trying different things in different temperatures, and then can accurately gauge how much to wear etc,,,
Stick a sheet of newspaper folded to A4 size under the front of your jersey. If you keep the cold wind off your chest you will not feel as cold without it..
nice tip.

easy to take off too when you start feeling a bit warmer.
IN Sydney a flannelette shirt (over the tshirt) and cycling shoes rather than sandals, thats the only difference because in Sydney it does not get cold. In Yass, I have army pants instead of shorts, some fingered gloves, shoes instead of sandals and a vest (maybe a scarf as well). Now time to chop some wood, before tonites cold snap

Stealth attacks on traffic!

Even better with something that looks like a gunbarrel poking out of your pack.

Sounds like a great idea, as I'm prone to get a runny nose fairly easily.

Doesn't that affect your breathing though?
Glasses (plastics?) to keep the cold air out of the eyes.
After feeling like I was crying most of the way to work one cold morning I bought some clear lense glasses from the LBS. $30 and one of the best items I've bought. If it's light when I ride then my normal sunnies do the trick. I often ride with both, leave in the dark with the clear lense glasses and switch to the sunnies later on.
I just want to know how to stop your nose from running!!
No need to stop it.. just empty it when required using the standard (gross) cyclist snot rocket.

For colder mornings (in order of decreasing temperature):
- long fingered gloves (my fingers _really hurt_ when they defrost) - I use my sailing gloves
- thermal long-sleeve under jersey (choice of thicknesses in the wardrobe depending on degree of coldness)
- thin fleece beanie (DIY from a scrap of thin polar fleec). Replaces hat to keep the sweat out of the eyes, and pulls over ears when required.
- thermal (poly) longs under knicks (cheap alternative to long knicks)

I find the trick is balancing the temp in the mornings: 'too cold on the downhill runs from home' versus 'too hot at the final climb into work'. Going home is easier - slower start (so I can wear warmer clothes), and constantly cooling temps in the evening as I warm up.
Cut off it's legs! Ba-boom!


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