I have to admit that I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to going out in the cold early in the morning.  I don't like the cold, which means that I cycle less in winter.

I'm curious to find out how people deal with the cold in winter, especially for their morning commute.

What extra gear do you use: pants? hats? jackets?  what works for you?

Do you do anything different? 

Do you anything do warm yourself up?

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It's even colder this morning!

What a difference from last week...
Yes, I rode in this morning from Parramatta, it was 6 degrees. I had two layers of long sleeves and tights on. My hands were frozen until about 30 mins into the ride. I got into work absolutely dripping with sweat.
7 degrees this morning.

Put all my extra gear. No problems at all. A very nice ride. Thanks for all the tips.

I much prefer the cold to the rain we had last few weeks.


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