Hoping others can join in the micro campaign I'm currently failing at. The CoS (I'm pretty sure it is) is currently stuffing around at the bottom of Watson st, Millers Point. This is directly down hill from the Harbour Bridge bike way and used by a lot of riders. They are putting in pavé as the road surface, the same stuff they've used in flat places around the city, like Pirrama and it's really bloody slippery when wet and already lead to me coming a'cropper at around 10km/h. I can't see how riders are going to be able to stop on this steep section in what is the braking section before the stop sign.

So I've started with facebook and tagged bike sydney and nsw and clover, who I'd thought would appreciate more than most setting up people for broken bones, like this is, isn't a smart idea - anyway I didn't get any traction with that. So I've also sent a Snap and Send and now I'm starting this. So can others please help out before it's too late.

See pic below which looks nice and grippy but I can guarantee it'll be like ice in the wet, especially after sustained rain, little sunlight and stuff starts to grow on it.

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Sorry should of put this in General ....

Just like parts of Parra Valley cycleway: perfect when dry, deadly when moist

Email I got back about the changes is below. Seems like the normal crap put a shared zone across what is a major exit for riders and that's okay. Suggest doing this to something like, hey George st and hey that's bloody crazy cause it's used by motorists. Shitty thing is I always use this cause it's heaps better than using the shared bridge but won't when it's wet now cause it'll be too dangerous, so basically funnelling riders like me to worse infrastructure and conflict zones.

Thanks for your enquiry and sorry to hear about your fall in Pirrama Road in similar circumstances.


The upgrade of Argyle Street was part of the Harbour Village North Study. The project will deliver better pedestrian amenity for pedestrians travelling along Argyle Street from the Rocks to Barangaroo.


The implementation of a shared zone at the end of Watson Road provides a pedestrian priority environment allowing improved connectivity across the previously expansive and unsafe road environment.

The shared zone was approved by the RMS.


The speed in this environment for cars and cyclists is 10km per hour.


The setts implemented have been chosen to indicate to vehicles that this is a shared environment and the material meets all the slip resistance tests.


Vehicles including cyclists travelling down Watson Road are required to slow down prior to entering this shared environment.


Appropriate signage will be implemented once the works are complete indicating speed requirements.

I suppose they are making the exit/entry to Argyle St narrower as well, so I wonder why they just didn't go for a raised pedestrian crossing.

If the bricks on Pirrama Rd are slippery in the wet I guess that is an argument against their use, despite "meeting the slip resistance tests". At least it's on record now so any falls could be fertile grounds for lawyers. I've never liked bricks layed lengthwise, they seem to channel your front wheel, eg on the path along Brighton waterfront.


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