Just noticed the shop is empty. Cranks north Sydney has gone.

Have they moved or gone under or something else?

Does anyone know?

This could be old news. I haven't been past the shop for a month or so.

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Arse. If true, that's the second time my preferred LBS has gone under.

I'd heard a rumour all was not well.

Whole chain is gone - they had shops in Balmain and Chatswood also.

Been a few shops close recently - Cranks, Sable and Argent, Bike Depot on Enmore Rd and Stanmore Cycles all in the last coupel of months.

It was my favourite too, but the last time I was there (about six months ago) their stock was very limited.  

However, my favourite Cranks counter jockey was Damien who now works at Avanti North Ryde and he told me the same people who own (owned?) Cranks North Sydney also own Avanti North Ryde (i.e. he is still employed by the same people).

So, I guess they have decided that being an Avanti brand outlet (they also sell other brands) is more profitable than just being independent.  Also, being located across the road from a major shopping centre and being highly visible to passing peak hour traffic, may be better than being hidden away in the Alfred Street East location.....?

Sorry - senior's moment!  Yes Top Ryde.  :-P

You are lucky to find them interested in any customers at all - not my experience. 

Le Spit are reasonably nearby, and still a great bike shop.

Pros don't pay for anything (mind you, many of them don't earn much either - many of the blokes I knew on a pro conti team were on $40k US p.a. which isn't a lot even if they are "livin' the dream") - I saw a tweet this week from one guy I know in Canberra thanking Bont for the new pair of shoes which arrived in the mail unannounced and un-asked for.

I think quite a lot of people who are new to cycling go there too. When I see people leaving that shop, they tend to be slower riders on road bikes, often surprised when I pass them (going uphill) on my too-much-stuff bike while singing along to the music from my speakers.

Funnily enough, when I tried to get service from that shop (a few years ago), I mainly got the impression that the staff didn't want anything to do with my bike because it's heavy.

Ever since then, I've joked that it's because nothing makes them look bad like that awkward moment where someone buys a really light racing bike and get passed by a bike tank on the uphill right out of the shop. xD

"nothing makes them look bad like that awkward moment where someone buys a really light racing bike and get passed by a bike tank on the uphill"

Try doing that on a touring bike that has a full wardrobe of panniers on board that look like they're full, but they're full of blown up balloons!  It really gets the roadies on their expensive bikes excited and pissed off!  :-)

That's the business model of car dealerships eh. It does work.

Yep whole chain gone into liquidation.

Bike Depot in Enmore was the same owners, I didn't think the Northside Avanti was them though.

Well that is a crying shame.  Many good people worked for Cranks.  :-(

Indeed, hope they turn up in other shops and not get right out of the industry.

Pretty sure they still had stock in the window the week before christmas?; still I did my bit to keep them open buying parts and pieces and even frameset from nth syd but the rent would have equalled more inner tubes per week than I could ever use.

Can sydcyc peoples please drop into le spit and just buy stuff.


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