Just noticed the shop is empty. Cranks north Sydney has gone.

Have they moved or gone under or something else?

Does anyone know?

This could be old news. I haven't been past the shop for a month or so.

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Stanmore Cycles was up for sale last year - I guess they didn't find a buyer. Sable and Argent going is a shame. They sold some really fun (and expensive) stuff. I loved their pop-up store in Pitt St mall a couple of years ago. It helped keep me sane during a tough period at a previous employer.

I know that the owner of Stanmore was retiring, which is why it was up for sale.

I raided the Sable and Argent closing sale and ended up with $500 worth of clothing for $50.

I raided the Sable and Argent closing sale and ended up with $500 worth of clothing for $50.

When I found out about the sale, I was way too busy with work to get down there. Bugger, I knew they would have some great gear on sale too. 

cranks in Rozelle got booted out of their premises and was forced to relocate to Balmain, while the owner of the Rozele premises started up another bike shop., or so I was told. Don't know if the Balmain store is still going.
The shop in Balmain is shut, with newspaper over the windows. I thought it might just be for the holidays because the sign is still there, but it appears not.
Sad to see but this is how its going to go for some bike shops. I got a bike delivered from Wiggle last week that was 50% cheaper than an Australian shop had listed on bike exchange. That's ridiculous.

It is a ridiculous situation, but not entirely the fault of the LBS. Some of the prices on the cheap web sites are actually lower than the wholesale prices an LBS in Australia has to pay direct to the distributers and manufacturers.

So where do you go to have that obstinate fixed cup of an adjustable bottom bracket removed to fit the new cheap/ online sealed bottom bracket?
Buy the BB and the $100/150 plus tool from an os online which you may use once or twice or drop into the endangered lbs with a six pack and the local BB cost and it’s done without any skin off the knuckles for less.
For me, I think I can do most things around a bike but I don’t like change and new techy stuff sometimes gets the back of my neck hair active (because of the new set of tools you may need) so I like to ask the oracle what I could or should use and let them do the local or online shopping and build up things like wheels around the right hubs, rims and spokes and then help sort out which headset would work for the frame or bb goes best with which cranks and so on.
I tend to think I get many more ks of no fuss riding this way and get to keep my bikes for a longer term but I then do not need the lbs for a while…..
Chatting about bikes and tools and old vs new stuff at the lbs is fun and good ones are well worth a few extra $$.

In reply to both you and baa baa, there are a few shops around that place greater emphasis on services and repairs rather than selling bikes/parts/accessories/clothing. However there is a greater profit margin on the bikes, parts, accessories and clothing than there is on the service. In most cases the service-only shops are not high capacity, they are one, two or three man operations where people are basically making enough to get by rather than getting rich. 

For the jobs that require specific tools and expertise, as well as a good place for a chat about bikes, there is another alternative to the LBS. A few friends and I are working on something at the moment that is still in its relative infancy and has a fairly limited capacity at this point, but we have aspirations. You don't really have to worry about profit in a not-for-profit.

don't really have to worry about profit in a not-for-profit

You still need to generate an operating surplus IMO. Whether you call that profit or not is a moot point.  

True, but it does lessen the need for high-margin activities/products.

Happy to chat about that sometime Rob ...


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