Just noticed the shop is empty. Cranks north Sydney has gone.

Have they moved or gone under or something else?

Does anyone know?

This could be old news. I haven't been past the shop for a month or so.

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As an aside, I think low cost options like Reid and even K-mart are killing of the second hand market. I've sold 8 bikes second hand  on ebay over the last few years, many of them taking a lot of time to restore. It's hard to draw conclusions from such a small sample, but I used to be able to get $150+ for a nicley restored bike, and similar ones now gets no bids at a $70 starting price. I've watched many other eby auctions and seen really nice and rare vintage bike with a very reasonable 'Buy It Now' price get no bids. Or if they have a low starting price, often sold for less than $50.


Also, I used to work for a printer company. Those $39 ink jets and  $79 lasers are being sold below cost, and the money recouped on cartridge purchases. The cartridge that comes with the printer has a tiny amount of ink, so you will need a refill much sooner than you think.

I'm currently in the process of getting a custom stainless steel frame built for me here in Australia. No, it's not cheap but you do get what you pay for. I'm then having the wheels built up locally and all the other components bought online. I will have an amazing bike for a fraction of the cost of it's equivalent in a bike shop

I went past the North Sydney store on Sunday. A passing local told me that apparently one of the partners at Cranks has another business (resteraunt) that needed more funds, so they could no longer continue to invest in Cranks. Guess the business was marginal already if this caused it to collapse.


There was mention of one store continuing. I remember when King of the Mountain closed, they said watch out for an online only shop, but it never happened. Anyone know if 99 bikes at Artarmon has reasonable service?

Friend reported that Cranks in Montague St, Balmain was open yesterday.

Have had good service at Velofix in Rozelle.

Anyone know if 99 bikes at Artarmon has reasonable service?

Ahem... it's in Lane Cove! ;-)

I've tried to get workshop service there in times past but they seemed to be having trouble getting a mechanic and couldn't do the work.

Maybe that situation has changed now but I haven't been back to check. (Renegade in downtown LC always seems to have multiple mechanics in the workshop.)

" multiple mechanics in the workshop " must be a novel euphemism for something

Yes - Cranks Bike Shop North Sydney Now For Lease! Cranks have just vacated their North Sydney Shop. This location has traded as a bike shop for over 15 years. Bike Shop Owners - This is your opportunity to capitalise on this strong trading location and expand your business. The shop consists of 126sqm of Ground Floor retail with direct street access and floor to ceiling windows and excellent exposure to thousands of cars every day. The retail area is currently set up with platforms to display bicycles, display shelving as well as other various equipment. At the rear of the space there is an additional 35sqm workshop/repair area making a total of 161sqm. On site parking and storage also available. The property may require some cosmetic works which the Landlord will undertake for the right operator. We continue to see customers arrive at this shop so act now to capitalise on this in built customer base. Call Julie on 0410 448 717 for more info.

Declaration of interest = ?

Don't think that one's too hard to figure out :)

Looks like Deus on Bourke Street is closing the cafe and bike shop at the end of January. Camperdown store still going.

From Sable & Argent onFacebook:

Hi there. We appreciate the sympathy. For the record, business was booming. The business was part owned by Nick Kelly of the famed, cheap Chinese clothing importer, Industrie Clothing. It seems that in Mr Kelly's eyes, no profit margin was ever grand enough (mind you, even after he had screwed the staff, by reducing hours etc). But then again how could it be, when the rag trade operates on margins in excess of 1000% (so please, don't go telling me that bike shops are a 'rip off' in this country). But I digress. After all said and done, with no more staff to screw, and a business that had to make way for apartments, it was all too hard, and a dont-come-monday was issued on Christmas eve. In my eyes, I thought we did a great job. We had probably Australia's best mechanic, and passionate staff who knew their shit. Thanks to Boris Tosic, Andrew Curro and the staff who shared his vision, it changed the bicycle retail landscape, with many stores imitating the concept. It was a shame, but at the end of the day, the employees could leave knowing that they had done their best. Proudly. Jobless...but proud. The lesson being, empathy has no place in the pursuit of profit. Safe riding, and remember ANYONE ON TWO WHEELS IS A FRIEND.


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