Cyclists beware - there are two crazy people driving around Sydney, who do NOT like cyclists. It's a dark red Mitsubishi sedan, their number plates are covered with cardboard with "TRAFFIC" written on in texta.

Yesterday afternoon the guy on the right threw a battery at me, and then got out of the car and punched me. I suppose that's assault and battery?

N.B. I have reported this to the police. They're not hopeful of catching them, given they don't have any good images of their faces, or a car rego.

UPDATE: A friend of a friend said this car is sometimes parked in Petersham. Keep your eyes peeled in that area.

FURTHER UPDATE: My business partners will kill me if I don't plug our bike shop, Omafiets Dutch Bicycles. If the people in the photo are identified, I would love to buy them a beer, and lend them a couple of bikes from the shop for a week, so they could ride around the Inner West. I think they'd be pleasantly surprised - and might make it a regular form of transport? They could even do the City of Sydney's free cycling courses.
I'm not interested in pressing charges. I think a better outcome would be if these people were able to gain a bit of insight, and empathise with other road users. There is too much antagonism on the roads, and I don't want to contribute to that.

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NOTHING wrong with finding the car and letting the cops know where it is.

Crimestoppers allows the location and plate number on sticker to be reported easily and if desired anonymously.


But yes let the Police act

This incident shows how Sydney's inner suburbs and CBD needs to consider developing cycling infrastructure. This way our roads would be a safer place for all. If you're keen on finding out more about cycling infrastructure we've shared a post on our blog:

from that site:

Councils responding to the survey reported having constructed a combined total of 11,704 km of cycling infrastructure.

really? where?  If it is anything like the Hills Shire Council claimed infrastructure I'd scrub pretty much all of it.  They claim normal width footpaths in front of suburban houses and schools and crappy shoulders as off and on road cycleways, not even a white bike outline on the roads or signs put up on footpaths.

Total self reported rubbish.

We discussed a report on expenditure from Bicycle Network here,

Councils are lagging well behind the BN benchmark figure of $5 per head. The Dutch do $40 pp .

Er, yeahhh, RtN. That's what Clover is doing against incredible odds and resistance from State Government and its instrumentalities like RMS.

And the hypocrisy evident in the quote from Genia McCaffery... As mayor of North Sydney, she presides over a council cycling budget of near-invisible proportions. I suppose she just wants someone else to pay for it. Just like most motorists want someone else to pay for their motoring habit.

Unfortunately, these two idiots are just a symptom of the hate that has been whipped up in the media for cyclists in general. There is now a critical mass of uneducated an intolerant motorists that are ruining cycling for the rest of us.

I think it's going to get worse, until the police do something about it.

I think about this often, actually. Not just the DT, but all media sources that broadcast such hatred.

Being given the ear of thousands of human beings is a privilege that carries with it great responsibility. When this is used to incite hatred, that privilege should simply be removed.

I hold the media completely responsible for the ridicuous attitudes towards cyclists that exist in the public arena. These media sources are a disgrace and should adjust their behaviour or be gagged / closed down.

I've also wondered whether a case would have validity in this situation. Am no lawyer, so would have to defer to the experts (any here?), but imagine you'd/we'd need direct evidence that the actions of the drivers in question were directly attributable to the media outlet or commentator in question. Imagine it would be too hard to prove and the eventuality may actually enrage more people than it placates as they'll feel targeted (ah, you know, like cyclists do on the roads when faced with angry drivers!).

I wonder what we need to do instead to change the "hearts and minds" at the publications? 

I also wonder whether the Telegraph will be covering road cycling when the Olympics are on! heh.

Regarding the photo of the red mazda, does anyone have any super  duper  photo shop programs that could pick up the details in the registration sticker on the window?    

Probably easier to pick up the details on the rego sticker of the red Mitsubishi in the foreground...

I had a look - not even the best photo editor can create pixels that aren't there to start with. 


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