Cyclists beware - there are two crazy people driving around Sydney, who do NOT like cyclists. It's a dark red Mitsubishi sedan, their number plates are covered with cardboard with "TRAFFIC" written on in texta.

Yesterday afternoon the guy on the right threw a battery at me, and then got out of the car and punched me. I suppose that's assault and battery?

N.B. I have reported this to the police. They're not hopeful of catching them, given they don't have any good images of their faces, or a car rego.

UPDATE: A friend of a friend said this car is sometimes parked in Petersham. Keep your eyes peeled in that area.

FURTHER UPDATE: My business partners will kill me if I don't plug our bike shop, Omafiets Dutch Bicycles. If the people in the photo are identified, I would love to buy them a beer, and lend them a couple of bikes from the shop for a week, so they could ride around the Inner West. I think they'd be pleasantly surprised - and might make it a regular form of transport? They could even do the City of Sydney's free cycling courses.
I'm not interested in pressing charges. I think a better outcome would be if these people were able to gain a bit of insight, and empathise with other road users. There is too much antagonism on the roads, and I don't want to contribute to that.

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That's pretty much what the poms do for no license or insurance... They take the vehicle. I think it gets crushed too.

We could suggest nsw does this too.

I'm not comfy with pursuits tho, they need other means of stopping fugitives.

I can confirm what Martin says is true, or was when I was last in the UK. My car got cubed because I went off the Europe for a few weeks and let the tax and MOT lapse. I came back to find my car gone.

They were good enough to let me retrieve the bits and pieces I'd left in there, like spare sunglasses, bike rack etc. But they still crushed it.

but when it is an employer's or another third party

The employer or a third party should/would then take more responsibility for who they allow to drive their vehicle.

So if somebody steals your car and then commits an offence with it, you're OK with the police confiscating your car?

I think an exception for theft would be acceptable.


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