Cyclists beware - there are two crazy people driving around Sydney, who do NOT like cyclists. It's a dark red Mitsubishi sedan, their number plates are covered with cardboard with "TRAFFIC" written on in texta.

Yesterday afternoon the guy on the right threw a battery at me, and then got out of the car and punched me. I suppose that's assault and battery?

N.B. I have reported this to the police. They're not hopeful of catching them, given they don't have any good images of their faces, or a car rego.

UPDATE: A friend of a friend said this car is sometimes parked in Petersham. Keep your eyes peeled in that area.

FURTHER UPDATE: My business partners will kill me if I don't plug our bike shop, Omafiets Dutch Bicycles. If the people in the photo are identified, I would love to buy them a beer, and lend them a couple of bikes from the shop for a week, so they could ride around the Inner West. I think they'd be pleasantly surprised - and might make it a regular form of transport? They could even do the City of Sydney's free cycling courses.
I'm not interested in pressing charges. I think a better outcome would be if these people were able to gain a bit of insight, and empathise with other road users. There is too much antagonism on the roads, and I don't want to contribute to that.

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I'll say yes and no and yes and no.

Yup, very aware this is a public place

But hey we need media to get stories out from 4,000 to n,000,000

I guess outcomes we want guide our choices. I'll be upfront and say I'm more interested in behaviour changes than a single prosecution succeeding, and I know not everyone feels that way.

I think the way this has gone viral could send a very strong message to anti-bike-types driving everywhere.

I see far more positives than negatives from this.

Yup, it would be such fun to hear from Jacko the driver and Kyles the pool cleaner



Inspector Anthony Metcalfe sort of confirms your point, in that since Chris used www his story is out and is pretty much being reported as undisputed fact (as in SMH) which might possibly be problematic with evidence.


Of course what's unsaid is that w/o Chris posting on Sydney Cyclist nothing would have been done as usual. Thus evidence would have been useless.


It's good that the Inspector is talking in an encouraging way. I wonder how much is driven by a changed attitude, and how much is the Police's dislike of people doing it 'their way' and showing up the Force for being ineffective.


It will be a good look for the Local Area Command if they put effort in to catching these people, and not a good look if they don't.


Thanks to Chris, Sydney Cyclist and now the media this case has Warne profile!

It's now top story on

What is actually illegally obscured on that car is the P-Plate. The driver would be ok with the car on the road otherwise if it was being driven for one of the listed allowed purposes related to registration. That's unlikely on a Sunday but possible.

This is disgusting behaviour, but what's even more disgusting to me are the comments on the news article.  Cyclists are often drivers and always humans.  Why does it have to be a war?

Horrified to see the intersection I used to ride through every day.  Horrified even further as I know Chris & know that he wasn't riding in the middle of the lane to be antagonistic.  I've had three car-door-opening accidents in the past, so know exactly why it's better to ride in the middle of the lane.

I'll keep a look out.

I do not call car-dooring-openings "accidents".

They are offences. 

Drivers will not drive close to parked cars for that very same reason.

But for some reason they expect cyclists to endanger their lives just so that they save 15 secs.

The same 15sec they are happy to spend waiting behind other cars finding a parking space, turning left/right, illegally parked etc

I use this to explain why I don't ride in the door zone to people who don't ride bicycles. I ask them if they drive that close to parked cars and the answer is almost always, "No way!". It gets the point across. 

It comes down to the fundamental: some drivers don't care to share, and in this case their inappropriate and excessive car use chokes King St which is an urban amenity being misused as a motor corridor.


So they take the position that 'their' precious resource is being taken from them. Their selfishness and hatred is worsened when they are passed by cyclists further up too, despite the reality that the congestion is caused by motor vehicles not bicycles.


It would be very good if Newtown and similar environments could be reclaimed by cyclists and pedestrians. There is good public transport there after all.

The won't happen. The opponents will just say that the buses are too unreliable because they get stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, the opponents will be too blind to see just was is causing all the traffic problems.


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