It's 2011 - Earlier this year we say the road rage attack in Brazil, and there are several YouTube are out there, and some with comments enabled.


This Friday on the last week of Nov is the Critical Mass SHB event. (event)

If it is anything like last year, it's be a short ride around the city followed by claiming the bridge for all of 10 minutes in a bit of bike raising exercise or so before proceeding to North Sydney.


What do you think Critical Mass means?

Does it serve a purpose?

If you could participate, would you ?

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We've never done CM - it was a chocolate ride.


As for the publicity not coming from CM... well, it didn't, but what did they expect? The only kind of reaction from the state government to a CM ride over the SHB is going to be negative, and the only story the media will report about it would be negative. It is a consciouly provocative route.

Mmm chocolate

To say that the CM ride tips a driver of a deadly weapon to use it in such a fashion further highlights the immediate need for "duty of care" legislation and safe, separated infrastructure that our taxes pay for.

The question, though, is does it highlight this fact to the people that need to change their attitudes or indeed the people with the power to make those legislative changes? It certainly doesn't appear to do so with our current state government. It doesn't appear to do so with the media. As a result the overwhelming message going out to the public does nothing to communicate the need to the broader public.

can't expect too much from a celebration

can't expect govt to honour the will of the people. Mostly it is a snouts-in-troughs thing, to further the interests of the pollies and their mates.

The media have to follow govt lines to a degree, or suffer denial of access. Media are mostly privately owned, and exist to deliver a return to their owners.


You're welcome to come along.

I doubt if there were any angry CM riders.

CM ride means many things to many people, I don't speak for the other riders. When the truck driver opened his load as a protest on SHB did he discredit a whole transport sector?


But talking about discredit, I think very possibly many other cyclists don't ride CM due to inclement weather, and very that a far greater disservice to all the millions of infrastructure injected for what is proving to NSW govt is a "dry weather" transport option, but I'll leave out personal adjectives.

i want win-win
not so much fun or celebration in heavy rain.

Cost benefit analysis of infrastructure ought to take weather into account


That's strange, I was not in the least angry at anything last Friday on that ride and met no other participants who were, no cops who were, and no motorists who were.

Our least favourite paper has it's take on the ride. From the photo certainly doesn't resemble Critical Mass of 2006 or 2007 when they posted the photo and telephone number of someone who they labled the "organiser". In fact it looks like a positively well disciplined group of riders - all but one appear to be all in the left lane & I assume all the other riders in the right of the photo are from the NSW police bike squad. In my opinion Critical Mass is an event much like the Mardi Gras parade - with improvements to cycling infastructure it is loosing it's radical edge.

I personally feel that it would be more effective to have just the 1 or 2 Critical Mass rides a year (I gather in January they go to Bondi) as opposed to the last Friday of every month.

Now - imagine if each of those cyclists were your standard single occupant vehicle.


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