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I ride across the Lawson St bridge at Redfern station to and from work every day and I've noticed a huge amount of other riders do too, which is great. Unfortunately the drivers that use this bridge seem to becoming less tolerant or more frustrated, or something, as I have been beeped and shouted at for taking the lane more frequently in the past month. I notice a lot of other riders seem happy to ride on the side of the lane and let cars squeeze past them, personally I don't like being stuck between cars and the pedestrian fence though, especially at the pedestrian refuge where the lane narrows.

It got me wondering though, has anyone heard of any plans to fix the 'link' between Little Eveleigh and Wilson St? I found this little snippet:

Apart from measures to achieve the 40km/hr precinct, and the extensive improvement works at the intersection with Abercrombie Street, there are no works proposed currently for the length of Lawson Street. Some preliminary discussion options to better cater for the significant pedestrian flows along Lawson Street between Redfern Station and Abercrombie Street have been explored by Council officers and this may become a project in the future.

In addition, a Lawson Street cycling project is listed in the 2013/14 Corporate Plan with a budget of $1.29m. The intent of this project is to improve the connection between Little Eveleigh Street and Wells Street/Redfern Street.


Any news on that front?

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Once upon a time there were plans for a shared path in this area, I can't find any trace of this online though. This may have been why http://www.redwatch.org.au/media/090505sshn

There are not many places to cross the railway line hence the popularity for both cars and bikes. I have never had a problem here and i ride in the middle of the lane on approach to the traffic island , or more commonly  filter on the LHS as the cars are stuck waiting at the lights.

It already is:

Maps, Streetview

Yes adjacent to the station on Gibbons st is shared path. I was referring to  the section of lawson st between Gibbons st  and little Eveleigh st (i.e the railway bridge).   There is no shared path there, I believe it was designed to be wide enough for one but this did no eventuate.   

The South side of the railway bridge is continuous shared path by NSW road rules.  The Gibbons st shared path isn't ended by road or sign.

The North side isn't.

I was not aware of this, there are shared path signs around gibbons St but none on Lawson st (that I recall seeing). Does that mean you can only ride it in one direction as there is no end sign but also no start sign. 

Regardless the footpath on the Sth side of the bridge is not great to ride on though, very heavy pedestrian traffic, due to the station.

IANAL: runs from the sign in both directions until interrupted by an end sign, different condition (separated, etc.) or interrupted by a road.  IANAL.

At last week's (4Sept14) City of Sydney Cycling Advisory Committee, the City announced that it has just instigated the design process for the Lt Eveleigh > Lawson St > Wells St link.  Great news. Lawson St is one of the few opportunities to cross the massive Central-Newtown railway corridor impermeability.

We'll have a little more on this in BIKESydney's eNewsletter this week. You can subscribe from our homepage. It's free and we don't spam. We're not selling anything other than positive vibes and progress for cycling (and by doing so, hopefully encouraging more people to lend energy to our campaigning efforts, which by the way, have included successfully provoking the City to provoke the State Govt to develop Lawson Square/Redfern St (West) and Redfern St as a cycling corridor (see our April 2013 entry on our Submission page.) We're hopeful on this one, although this will be a long play...

(We're also on facebook - inevitably :-))

Good to know. I didn't realise it was Lawson Square! Imagine how nice it would have been when it wasn't just a car-choked thoroughfare.


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