I have long been a supporter of this. And I include cars owned by another person other than the person that drove it, if there are indeed different.

This morning I was reminded of the measure when I read….

A man who had been disqualified from driving until 2038 has allegedly led police on a pursuit through the city, before his Range Rover crashed into a taxi and left three people injured.

After the crash in Surry Hills early on Saturday morning, police allegedly found a substance believed to be methylamphetamine, or ice, in the four-wheel-drive.

Officers were patrolling Oxford Street, when they pulled over a Range Rover about 3am. The car stopped, but soon sped off, police said.

Officers began a pursuit, but lost sight of the car at Wentworth Avenue. Soon after, the Range Rover collided with a taxi at the intersection of Elizabeth and Foveaux streets, police said. 

The male taxi driver and his two female passengers were injured and taken to hospital.

Police said they searched the car and found the drug, as well as prescription medication.

Timothy Chidiac, the 25-year-old man allegedly driving the Range Rover, was taken to St Vincent's Hospital, before being released and interviewed by detectives.

He was charged with several offences, including aggravated dangerous driving, occasioning grievous bodily harm and drive vehicle while illicit drug present in the blood.

Mr Chidiac was refused bail and was due to appear in Parramatta bail court on Sunday.

Am I alone in this? Or do you agree? Discuss.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/disqualified-driver-charged-over-surry-hi...

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nsw had this crush law for years . but has not crushed 1 car yet , cause its unlawful . and a media stunt, its rubbish fed to scare the masses 

And what if the car is owned by his disabled Mother who's living on benefits

What do you think? Bad luck for cyclists as this one can't be taken from the hoon?

Sell the car, assuming it is large or inappropriate, and issue him with a small eco car suitable for transport of said mother, one that does not in any way feed his ego, and maybe a free bicycle that must be used for short solo trips?

And what if the car is owned by his disabled Mother who's living on benefits

Is that the latest legal loophole so that said hoon  can go around driving to create more disabled people/mothers ? 

the brits crush 'em regardless

best destroyed to remove it from the pool of polluters

I was just pondering what the Germans might do when I realised…they would not have car crushing to begin with. They don't have hoons. At least not where I have been.

So not Berlin then (which is the one place in Germany I've been, and admit, didn't see these guys)?:

Note how old Herr Keinhelm doesn't seem too worried about it, or the buses though?

Let the cop sell the cars and keep the money. Just like the proceeds of crime it provides the police with a large inventive to act and do so. Crushing them, especially expensive ones, just seems spiteful (not matter how much I may personally enjoy it) but to sell them on is truly painful for the owner. Yes they can buy them back but hey, the police will be right there when they drive the car away. 

Personally, I do not want to give the police an economic incentive to "prevent crime". That never ends well.

I think its pretty clear cut when the driver has a license suspended for the next twenty years.  Nothing but physical action will stop them, ANtD hey can steal a car anytime. 


I'd like to see  1 incarceration, and 2 inCARcineration  :-0


Normally I agree but when it comes to getting cars and bad drivers off the road, I somehow bend to the idea of giving police some incentive to focus on bad drivers rather than minor bike offenses. 


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