Hello folks,

I'm doing the 200k of the dam blue hills on 25th May.I would like to know from where can I get the cue sheets that shows the control point and cut off timings


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Good news Suraj, it is a good ride and you should enjoy it.

You have numerious options for the cue sheet details, you will have to experiment to determine what is best for you

The route including cue sheet entries are stored on Ride with GPS and because Audax Australia has a RWGPS Club account you get "premium" features and options when downloading the route even if you have no RWGPS account/login yourself (although some options are best if you have a "free" RWGPS account)

Select the "MAP" link on the ride calendar page or the ride registration page.

This takes you to the Ride page (which is https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18723826)

Select "More" on the right/top of the left hand column,

and either select "Print Cuesheet" to get all the cues and print these via the browser or

select "Print Map & Cue PDF", there are numerous options for including / excluding data columns and formatting, the cue is broken into sections so that pages can be folded into smaller readable sizes, including the map itself isn't always useful.

If you have a GPS device (Garmin etc) you can select "Export as File" to download the route as a Fit/GPX/TCX file for loading onto your device, TCX if supported on your device will include the cue items.

If you have created a free RWGPS logon you can also use the RWGPS Phone App (iPhone or Android), install the App, and the route can be viewed and followed on the phone (although battery life can be an issue), "Pin" the route for quick access. Because you get the premium features the map and route can be downloaded to the phone for offline use.

Good luck with the ride, Robert (organiser) will brief you on any issue with the route, you may have done the Lapstone section on your Katoomba ride, be careful going down the hill from Springwood, it is steep and has some tight corners where you need to slow down

Let us know how it went.

PS the control & cutoff time will be on the Brevet card but you can calculate them from the distance / 15 on the cuesheet. The control locations are generally a shopping strip, any shop, no exact specific location although people have favourite coffee shops

Hello Billy,

As usual, thank you very much for the detailed response.Yes, i was able to download the cue sheet as per your instructions.

Sure, i will keep you posted on how it went.




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