I've got big feet (size 17) and for years I envied cyclists who could just waltz into a shop and buy a pair of cycling shoes. I'd go into shops and make inquiries and the staff would just laugh at me (great customer relations there). Then about ten years ago I found out about Sabre Boots who custom make cycling shoes. The shoes are made by Brett Throssell who started out making speed skating boots for the Olympic team. I went out to his home workshop where he made a plaster cast of my feet. Then I chose the fastener type, the materials, how many straps, whatever I wanted. Brett built the carbon fibre sole and the uppers around the model of my feet so that they fit perfectly.It was amazing the feeling of how well they fit, like a second skin around my feet. Sure it was more expensive than buying off the rack (if I could), but I still have the same shoes after all these years (luckily my feet have stopped growing). I reckon anyone who does serious hours on their bike should do themselves (and their feet) a favour and seriously consider getting custom made shoes.

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What a brilliant story! Love hearing about how people are using their 'craft' to help make individual items for people. Can only imagine that making a pair of cycling shoes is a tricky business and that it must have taken some skill to get the techniques and fit correct.
Nice, my little brother is 15 with a shoe size 15.

Might have to get in contact with sabre boots.
It makes the schoolyard taunt "act your age not your shoe size" a bit redundant.


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