Custom Steel Frames - Now In Inner City Sydney / Newtown

Hi there.

Nick is my name. I work at Cheeky Transport in Newtown and know plenty of you guys.

If you know our shop, you'll also know my colleague David.

I'm posting here because David's custom steel framebuilding business is now up and running and we've got a website set up for it -

Bobo is specifically focussed on a couple of things - Rohloff equipped loaded touring bikes and classic style audax, randonneur and road bikes. David can also modify and repair existing steel frames.

Let us know if you'd like a quote.


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Nooooo. Current position: four bikes in back yard, six bikes on front veranda, one bike in hallway, two people in house (one frightened). Intervention anyone?
Wow, I ride a custom built steel, and I can say that your frames look beautiful!

Might drop by to have you check my drop outs soon, I'll certainly begin to recommend your work.


Hi Pete,
Thank you very much. There is a very high level of workmanship that is set as the standard these days and i am on a journey to get as close as i can.

See you soon.

David Bowan
Bobo Bicycles
Yay! How exciting - been meaning to ask if this was going to become a regular thing. I have some friends interested in a custom frame and it would be great to have a few more options in Sydney.
Not at the moment, but custom is custom, and with some money on the table (almost) anything is possible.
No plans as yet.
Congratulations! wish you all the best with it.
Hello Nick! It's me!!!
dan the watchmaker with the merckx? g'day mate.
No, Dan with the imminent baby and the salsa casseroll...
G'day Nick. I was with 2 other blokes from Newcastle on Monday who were looking at touring bikes. Thanks for the time that you spent with us as well as your great service. We went into a well known city bs after seeing you, and they didn't know their arse from their elbow. I can see now why everyone speaks so highly of the service that you blokes at Cheeky provide. Keep it up!
hi dabba. thanks - that's nice to hear. i'm glad it was useful for you. we just try and do our best.. now if you or your mates decide that there's nothing 'off the shelf' that's going to work for you, have a chat to Bobo.


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