I rode this on the way to work this morning. It's pretty good, my only real gripe is the way intersections are dealt with. We're forced to go on to the footpath, and cross as pedestrians. Quite silly. 

Heading south, at the end of the path is Gardeners road. If you want to go straight here, it's impossible (legally). 

Overall the path is good though. 

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Hey Daniel, nice to see you're giving the cycleway a go. Great photos, you have really picked out some of the weak points of the design.

This is part of my daily commute, even before the cycleway got put in (for those who haven't heard me mention this before).

A couple of points:
1) the intersection where you are forced onto the footpath, this is a space problem. Before the path, this was a four lane section of road to allow for vehicles turning right at the two intersections that are almost on top of one another. Turning vehicles cue up, and the rest can shoot down the left hand lane. So no room for the path (boo).
2) the footpaths could/should have been widened here
3) the ramps on/off the footpath are at a stupid angle for bikes, impossible for anything but single file, and fun in the wet (ie. a little slippery). I have never noticed the street sign before.
4) I'm pretty sure the speed humps have been moved to stop people swerving around them. At least, I haven't noticed any cars driving straight at me for a while. Still get the odd idiot who treats the cycleway as exclusive parking, but even this has reduced of late.
5) the bus shelters make a nice little blind spot - you lose sight of oncoming traffic as you approach them. Oh, and there is a pedestrian crossing hidden either side for added fun.
6) the Gardeners Rd intersection is a bit of a mystery. The path ends, and there is no crossing across Gardeners Rd on that side of the intersection.

Even with its failings its still great to have to cycleway. Motorists are learning to expect someone traveling along now. Only had one major miss with a car turning across me into a driveway - I think I was going a lot quicker than him, but it would have been nice if he had used a blinker.
"6) the Gardeners Rd intersection is a bit of a mystery. The path ends, and there is no crossing across Gardeners Rd on that side of the intersection."
Um,.... that is the council boundary, you will need to talk to Randwick (I think it is Randwick) and RTA 'own' Gardeners Rd. CoS have shared their plans with the surrounding councils, but we still need the other councils to do this. Just an FYI there is no BUG in the Randwick area, BIKEast and BIKESydney have picked up some pieces there but we really need a BUG for that council area
ah, that makes sense.
opps, but the other point still stands, no local BUG on the ground
South Sydney markets are close to Bunnings
Last couple of times I've ridden down to Bunnings I ended up locking my bike to the trolley return area and that works OK - I just worry about people flinging their trolleys into it and knocking my bike.

I also regularly ride with my girlfriend to the newish Spar supermarket on the corner of McEvoy and Wyndham Streets. We use the Bowden and Mandible St cycleways to avoid busy McEvoy St. They have no dedicated bike parking either but there are a couple of large poles that are OK for cable locks but nothing for D-locks.
At Bunnings I wrap the lock cable around one of the water downpipes just outside the entrance to make it bloody obvious to them that there is no bike parking

see my letter in
Good letter. I'll write to them as well.

I had no luck with the Spar supermarket. Spoke to staff at the store and they didn't care so emailed via their online form and an email address I found and got no response.
Every time I go to Bunnings I ask the staff where I can park my bike. This has yet to be an effective approach BUT the last time they let me leave it inside the store where the greeters stand and they kept their eye on it (and ran after me with one of my gloves when I dropped it).

I'll also write to them.
Indoor Central is at the end of that cycleway across the road from bunnings.

They have more than 100 kids teams playing in their indoor soccer competitions so its nice to know that families will have a safeish passage to get to and from their sporting events without the need to drive.
I think you will find most of the people attending the indoor soccer will be coming from miles away and so more than likely by car. Nice thought but not reality.
Some will be locals. The bike path makes cycling to the stadium at least a possible option.

The existence of more travel alternatives to linear carparking means less car dependency but it will take time to change behaviour.

We had a German exchange student who was keen basketball player stay with us for a few months. He managed to sneak into a spot on one of the local teams while he was here and was absolutely happy to borrow my bike to ride over for his games and back again - a distance of a bit over 5km each way.

With the nice flat riding around Bourke St, I'm sure some players will soon take up riding.


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