As part of the (surely still yet to be approved, no?...) WestConnex motorway enabling works, the RMS will be upgrading the Marsh St (Giovanni Brunetti) Bridge.The upgrade will include cycling facilities.

Read more about the project on the RMS website.

Submissions to the project can be made until 5th March via

What are your experiences? What's to be called for?

BIKESydney would be interested in a social ride along the route to discuss issues, challenges, opportunities.

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 "...clip-on would be attached to off-ramps (which don't have enough pilons to support the additional structure..."

The bridge approaches are ramps supported by earth fill by the look of it. Shouldnt be hard to run a bike ramp along the sloping face of the abutments or even to one side. The bridge itself is supported by concrete piers of a fairly minimalist design, cant tell from Google maps if these are cone shaped or thin trapezoidal shapes, but probably? not designed to carry the weight or bending forces of any wider deck or clip-on across the river, unlike the massive piers and beams under the Fig Tree bridge, which was designed for a future freeway expansion. Why RMS didnt know this years ago is the question.

The proposed redevelopment of the adjacent golf course might eventually lead to pressure for a new bicycle bridge across the river.

"Why RMS didnt know this years ago is the question."

Probably because talk of a bike path was PR lead and not engineer lead.  Typical government proposal.  Put together a full package for the public consultation documentation.  Later on cut back on the impractical that was only included to spruce up the pretty documents released at the beginning...

Of course there probably was an engineer or two muttering about the impractical nature of it all, but don't let that get in the way of artist impressions and a good bunch of fluff.

I believe that the construction site will remain long term to support Southconnex work.  There may be an issue opening up a cycle path across a construction site entry - due diligence would likely say no.

A 4.8m wide clip on bridge was at best a non engineer's fantasy.  At worse it was a deliberate poison pill to destroy any prospect of cycling infrastructure.

If you were serious about 4.8m wide section without getting rid of traffic lanes would almost certainly mean a completely new bridge.  (AKA what is done up river)

If you were serious about providing for cyclists on the existing bridge widening the existing footpath by around 900mm on each side would likely be sufficient for one directional cycle flow.  And would likely be i the realm of engineering possibility.

(But it would still likely entail significant structural works.)

IIRC the bike lane on the Tuncurry-Forster bridge was a bolt on. From the pix it looks like it's only about 3m wide.

Newcastle council has made road lanes narrower by a few hundred mm in places in order to fit in some bike lanes. A bit here, a bit there cribbed enough. Not ideal, but better than what there was.

This is the new (completed this year) bit of path leading up to the Marsh St Bridge (North West, Wolli Ck side) that got me "so excited" , surely I thought they wouldn't be building a 3.6+m approach path without also widening the approx 1.2m bridge path.

but, I was wrong

Future proofing! It is wide enough to become a traffic lane when needed to accommodate the bumper to bumper tin pushers.

My commute has never had so much attention

Like the Tibby Cotter bridge it just keeps on giving:)

its a pretty vital link so no surprise there is interest.

Drove over this bridge this morning and had a good look at the roadway.  if they aren't willing to pay for a separate walking/cycling lane then an alternative option would be to narrow the lanes slightly as those lanes are a lot wider than the ones on the Princess Hwy.  The saved space could be used for widening the footpath + barrier for cycling/walking

That of course is done in Europe.

Narrow the lanes! Shock, horror! The tin pushers might get as close as a metre from one another.


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