Info of any new Cycleways/SUP upgrades on existing cycleways or new cycleways.Any work progresses on it or recently opened.

Feel free to add pics or links of any under constructions or opened cycleways. pdf 5.5MB

Master Plan of Cycling Future,  Sequencing of Initiatives graph on page 4 from the above pdf.

More info about Council plans from RMS Sydney Cycleway Projects.

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Love the look of the fence rails, the way they sit out.

The haberfield side of the bay run is finally progressing. Nice & wide. I do hope they separate bikes & walkers

But it's not finished yet!

I hope they separate walkers too, though in that part of the Inner West walkers are likely to walk on the cycleway anyway and then get pissy with cyclists as well.

It is good that demand leads to improvements.

This would be the third widening in about ten years, next time they'll have to take a lane from the adjacent road:)

I think walkers and cyclists will be separated, as the councils agreed to standardise the layout around the Bay Run. Only bits not separated are the waterfront road section in Callan Park, and the Iron Cove Bridge path, where it is a shared two way path. Maybe the bridge should be brought into line with the rest. But RMS seem to believe in two way share, eg harbour bridge etc.

when I use to ride around the bay a bit past Hawthorn canal which has separated footpath and bike path  approx half of the peds were on the footpath only and the other half were on the bike only paths

I'd prefer no markings at all, just signs noting it is a shared area for bikes and peds. Makes everyone pay more attention and dissipates the 'entitlement' mentality ('you're in MY lane!')

Of course, even better would be separated paths for cyclists and peds. Easily done if you take a car lane away.

It's as mikesbytes says on the separated paths.

It's a special flavour of stupidity and entitlement in those parts.


I still remember edging past this family group (all walking side by side) on the bike path, the dad pushing a pram. As I passed I said something like "the footpath is that way". He called out as I went past "I've got wheels too, buddy"!


And the ironic thing about that separated path is that the footpath only has a better view  of the bay so even if the paths weren't restricted it would be the best path to walk on

I tried using Henley Marine Dr road lane the other day, rather than dodge the crowds on the adjacent BayRun path. Got seriously hassled by one particular motorist, i could hear her going off with her windows up! She certainly had the " entitlement" mentality. Be great if they closed this rat run, local residents only. Faster cyclists could belt along away from walkers and joggers, just like before the BayRun, it used to be a popular training route.

The new section of path is 5 m wide, and i imagine it will be Peds 2 m, cyclists 3 m, with a white dividing line. It's very close to the adjacent road at the mid section. I wonder if a barrier is needed to prevent errant motorists crashing onto the cycle path.
The original design (which was up on a board at that location) showed a strip of low shrubs separating the peds from cyclists. I'm wondering if they'll cut in that garden bed once all the kerbing has been done, or whether it will be abandoned. The overall path still feels a little narrow to me.

Also there are supposed to be Armco vehicle barriers along the roadway. No doubt in the low priority project queue for the RMS.
Have to hassle RMS to put them in, if not part of the current contractors plan. IW Council/Ashfield is/was supervising the project so might ask them what the plan is.


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