Info of any new Cycleways/SUP upgrades on existing cycleways or new cycleways.Any work progresses on it or recently opened.

Feel free to add pics or links of any under constructions or opened cycleways. pdf 5.5MB

Master Plan of Cycling Future,  Sequencing of Initiatives graph on page 4 from the above pdf.

More info about Council plans from RMS Sydney Cycleway Projects.

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No,I'm not on Strava acc.
It had offically opened today at 45 mins late.
No pics at opening.

Looks great!!

Forgot to turn on my Fly12 camera when riding in opening. Pics of before and after.

From my Garmin route map last night.

Cremorne to the Spit route progressing well. Separated paths through Cremorne

Cool. What street is that?

The pathway between Gipps Rd., Smithfield and Davis Rd., Wetherill Park is closed. A construction fence has been installed from the Hyland Rd, T80 busway through to Gipps Rd completely shutting off most of the pathway all around the sporting fields.

There is no signage warning of the closure or why the fence has been installed. :(

No alternative route has been signposted. :(

You have to ride on the roadway along Gipps Rd past Long St, up to Hyland the fencing comes right up to the edge of Gipps Rd. :?

that's the way it works in Australia

That's the way it works in Australia if you allow it to.

Ring up the Mayor and complain. Get your cycling mates to do it as well, letters to the local State Member and the local newspaper. Provide a photo-opportunity as you manhandle the fence back out of the way, get on the 6:30 TV news.

New shared path almost finished along the Westconnex above ground works in Haberfield, between Waratah  Rd and Parramatta Rd. This section is south of Ramsay Rd. Note attention to detail around sign posts. Why they couldn’t widen the path around the obstacle is beyond me. Obviously the budget didn’t extend to a smooth continuous slab path either, but at least you can ride along there to Bunnings. 

FFS. TfNSW and RMS really do treat cyclists with contempt at every opportunity, don't they?

Some photos of the works and existing bike links along the City West Link from Timbrell Drive to Parramatta Rd. Disappointing they did not do a better job of a bike crossing at Waratah St so you could get across to Fivedock.


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