Info of any new Cycleways/SUP upgrades on existing cycleways or new cycleways.Any work progresses on it or recently opened.

Feel free to add pics or links of any under constructions or opened cycleways. pdf 5.5MB

Master Plan of Cycling Future,  Sequencing of Initiatives graph on page 4 from the above pdf.

More info about Council plans from RMS Sydney Cycleway Projects.

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The Waratah St crossing with the refuge in the middle is a shocker. Where you could previously cross in one go, you now only get the 'green man' to the middle, then have to press the button in the middle to complete the crossing.

Why they wouldn't have built a pedestrian/cycling bridge I don't know. There's Dobroyd school halfway up Waratah st, and most days I see children waiting to cross to get to the sports fields on the other side of Iron Cove Creek. 

From my perspective as a cyclist, this crossing is now more dangerous than before, where you could at least get across in one go. 

I would think that most cyclists will position themselves at the front of the right hand lane and make the right hand turn as far as the far side of the CWL where the path to Timbrell Park starts and also the path along the northern side of the CWL leading to the cycleway past the Haberfield Rowing Club. The problem with this path is that it is not a “shared path” and is currently a bit overgrown but it is nevertheless quite rideable.

At 5:30 pm this afternoon, I pushed the button on the north side of the pedestrian crossing and measured a WALK time of 20 seconds for the three east-bound lanes, followed immediately by a WALK time of 20 seconds for the west-bound lanes. Each lane would be in the region of 3.5m wide so 20 seconds requires a walking speed of 1.9kph. The RMS design (adult?) walk speed is 4kph. I presume (I only tested the south-bound journey) that pushing the button on the southern side of the CWL would produce the reverse sequence (and if both were pushed then both sequences simultaneously??).

Agreed that the situation for school groups heading for the playing fields is a shocker. How many kids would safely fit on the island in the middle of the CWL? How long would a group be delayed while negotiating the two offset fences? I will raise this with the WestCONnex campaign and at the IWC Traffic Committee's next meeting.


Ive taken many Bike Leichhardt rides that way and many riders, despite me staying on the road, do a fake right turn into Dobroyd Pde and access the footpath leading to the lights that way, as in the screen grab from Google Street View. But now that has been closed off, so no real option but to use the road to make the turn like you say or bump up over the kerb, watching for cars coming off the CWL.

If you position yourself in the left lane of Waratah I think only the green for the left turn is triggered. Not a particularly inviting intersection for many cyclists. And no provision for the reverse movement, you have to (legally) walk your bike across, and then no ramp to get back on Waratah St a bit further up.  Only good thing is the automatic triggering of the second stage, you don’t have to beg, in either direction, or wait very long on the median. 

As I showed in the photos, the path on the canal side down to Timbrell Drive is OK, but the corner on the road bridge is very narrow and dangerous, risk of toppling off into the traffic, no space to store.  I recall RTA saying it was too hard to fix the corner, due to the bridge railings and structure.  You can get to the Bay Run by using Dobroyd Pde local access road on the other side to Mortley Av, and then crossing the CWL, but the corner is still a problem.

The real desire line is to cross the City West Link and use the footbridge over the creek to get to Ingham St if heading to say Fivedock or Concord etc.

botany bay shared path  between 16' sailing club & sandringham netted enclosure [almost] closed for the winter for widening, installing lights etc .Photo5562.jpg


New bike path on Chalmers into Eddy Avenue. The Bus Lane on Elizabeth might be quicker into town.

Also, looks like bikes banned from Devonshire St ?

they make it sound so good..... whats happening when they resume qantas drive cycle way., i might say penrith,blacktown have great paths ...but inner sydney way ,waterloo to botany rd/bourke  street is like a dogs breakfast. bourke st is downright dangerous .


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