Info of any new Cycleways/SUP upgrades on existing cycleways or new cycleways.Any work progresses on it or recently opened.

Feel free to add pics or links of any under constructions or opened cycleways. pdf 5.5MB

Master Plan of Cycling Future,  Sequencing of Initiatives graph on page 4 from the above pdf.

More info about Council plans from RMS Sydney Cycleway Projects.

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Have to hassle RMS to put them in, if not part of the current contractors plan. IW Council/Ashfield is/was supervising the project so might ask them what the plan is.

Here's the diagram:

Hey Bob, I saw that this section of path was officially opened last week.  But no sign of the "RMS safety barriers" as shown in the diagram.  Did you get any insight from council?

they are progressing very quickly.

I like the OH&S as well, not too much overkill, just get it done, ie old bloke stands in front of you, so you can't do something stupid like walk/ride into the path of the bucket. 

Reversing truck, no worries, old bloke walks in front of it to stop you.

Yet still I see people try and get past, they should wear shirts "Darwin award nomination approaching".

Sort of. 

Get it done yes - but keep in mind the Bay Run is the City West Link for a horde of cycle commuters. It should be treated as an essential high speed bicycle corridor connecting west to city.

The old joke was 'joking' the other day about jamming the shovel he was holding into the spokes of my front wheel - and I was just rolling slowly past. His mate laughed and made an equally hilarious joke about me not being able to read aka ignoring the dismount sign.


I agree about the speed. I use it to get to a train service that runs hourly.

There is no way in hell I will pootle along at walker speed and then miss my train. It is not a footpath.

FYI, update.

in this picture, at the 4th light pole, just in front of the car, the path is being split in two, as the light pole will be in the middle of the path.

Will be interesting to see what is done to prevent us from headbutting the pole.

Subiaco Creek is supposed to be officially opened 19 June. 

I reckon we should have an official SydneyCyclist official opening ride, will there be a ribbon cutting?

PVC is one of the nicer rides and getting better

19th is a Monday, maybe we should plan the following Sunday (on which I happen to be free, Saturday 17th being Festum Prophetae)

If its like the other bits when they were first opened, someone will push aside the cyclone fencing and ride through long before the "official" opening. Mental note : bring large shifting spanner next time I ride PVC. Naming rights on the Strava segment.

Yes, it will be officially opened on 19th June at 1pm.

Will be checking if someone do push it open earlier as it was done in the past when I was checking it out for progress.

Had a check of it when I rode back after 9.40pm and found that someone had pulled the temporary fencing down.

So I had a ride thru Subiaco Creek boardwalk to near roundabout but at that end is bolted on. There was one panel that had not been fixed yet so it will be done in the morning before opening. Will be checking later that day to see if it will be open up as stated.

Pics from mobile phone. 1st pic at the dead end and 2nd pic with flash at about 3/4 way.


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