Cycling fatality 30 October 2013 Kissing Point Road North Turramurra

This was on the Easy Riders chat list at 8:39am:
I just had a call from my wife , there has been a cycling fatality on kissing point road near the top about our driveway.
Police etc  in attendance,
Very sad,apparently cyclist descending, car turned across in front , cyclist swerved to miss and was hit head on by car coming the other way. ride safe.

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That's not good.

I'm not comfortable with twisty descents with driveways on weekdays.

Obviously don't know the circs here but those turning across your path- type collisions are pretty diabolical, specially on a steep downhill. Sympathies to the family and friends.

Bugger me. That's happened to me twice before, exactly the same thing (without the swerve) coming out of Catalpra Cres at the esses up the top. Once was a cement mixer, the other time a tradie van. Both times they started to proceed, eyeballed me and stopped, then decided to go again. And ended up straddled across my lane due to traffic coming the other way.

The consequences of such a silly decision are so high. All the time across your lifetime you think you might save (measured in seconds or fractions of seconds) by deciding to go when you probably should wait count for naught when it goes wrong. The hours and days spent at the accident scene, making statements to police, finding a lawyer, attending court, dealing with insurance, getting your car fixed. Just don't do it. Oh, and did I mention the cyclist will never get the chance to return the favour?

Same has happened to me too sus - a car started to exit Catalpra, I started braking hard, they saw me and stopped exiting.  Not sure if fatality this morning was at Catalpra or someone entering/exiting a driveway.  Given the speeds cyclists can (and do) descend there, not much hope of stopping.

I will riding there on Sunday and won't worry about beating my Strava scores this week at least.  Very sobering.

Yep, it's a dangerous piece of road - and made worse by impatient drivers following you down the hill who might not be able to overtake in the initial ~100m from the Pacific Highway lights due to the traffic queuing the other way.So they then try as you hit the top of the esses without realising you (on the bike) and now doing 50 instead of the 30 you were across the top and they are alongside you, plus the fact there is a ripple strip down the middle so they are squeezing in to the lane instead of straddling what is/would be a double line otherwise.

I always check and take the middle of the lane to prevent cars from being stupid enough to think this is a good place to overtake. The irony being you can then often sit of 50 most of the way down to the Comennara Rollercoaster lights.

I see the Strava segment for this (from the top of the esses) to the lights has a KOM that has averaged 56km/hr although the posted speed limit is 50, and maxed out at just over 80:

Mme, a car coming out of a driveway or side street is going to happen sometime.

I've been driving down Spit Rd for 15 years on a weekly basis and have never seen anybody coming out of their driveways at the S bends, but I know that when I do see it, I don't want to be on my bike!

9 times out of 10 I go down Pariwi to avoid any possibility.

Early weekend mornings are Strava time because there is no traffic and we can take the middle and inside lanes.

Or was it a car turning right into Catalpa?

Maybe Bike North or others should be asking for Watch for Cyclists signs on KP Rd near there, and yellow diamond bike route signs on Catalpa exit, anything to raise awareness.

Edit: there are yellow diamond signs up in the Esses, on Google maps, either side of Catalpa, so that is not enough.

Even better, block all exits from Catulpa (left or right, but particularly to the right) and right-turning entries from KPR (i.e from the south). They can deviate to the other exit about ~500m further down on the flat bit, and where there are better sight lines up and down the road.

Signs are great, however I'd suggest people that don't see or think about signs are the same ones that don't think about or see cyclists. Our car park at work in plastered in 5km/hr speed limit and "watch out, pedestrians about" signs but very few people obey them and some fang through there showing no awareness whatsoever. The OH&S committee's solution? To install more signs.

I'd put it to the council then, given the number of incidents there. Motorists can also enter/exit at Boyd St.

Good idea - now where's that number for Bike North?...

This is terrible news.

I know nothing about the exact circumstances. As a general comment, it's a fast, dangerous section of road. I've had issues before with cars turning in from the right onto KP road further down at Monteith. Catalpa itself IS dangerous, and I try to ride the brakes till after that corner. It's one situation where a following car is a slight benefit. I'd agree with s.u.s that at least right hand turns from the top of Catalpa onto KP Rd should be banned, with a bit of road engineering and furniture to make it impossible.

I don't know precisely where the incident was, but when I rode through there this morning, the diversion required traffic to to use Boyd St and Jersey, and you could get back on KP Road at the lower end of Catalpa or Barellan, so it could have been the Catalpa corner. Although when I looked up the hill, the police appeared to be standing around further south than the steep right hander adjacent to Catalpa. At the time I didn't know it was a fatality, or that it was a cyclist...

I am writing a follow-up story for the Hornsby Advocate about the safety of this stretch of road for cyclists and your suggestions for how it could be improved, such as Watch for Cyclists signs.

Please contact me, Monique Cowper, on either 9479 1602 or email

Anyone wishing to read today's story can find it here:


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