I don't know that this was picked up yet but I was asked to help spread the word...

Cycling for Transport Survey

Study aim: We are investigating the way that people use their bikes for transport, to support policy and planning to promote cycling. So that the benefits of cycling for transport can be valued correctly it is important to understand how cycling for transport influences the use of other modes of transport.

Are you eligible?             You ride a bike for transport at least once in a typical week
What does it involve?    online survey, approx. 10 minutes
Organisation:                  Institute of Transport Studies (Monash)
More info, go to:              https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/795TKJM
University of New South Wales
Recruitment ends:          31 July, 2013

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Thanks Martin, The Research Team

Their "Other" option is broken.

It always seems to be on Survey Monkey.

And I don't know how those questions elicit any useful information. 

I found that too. I just chose something that was close enough and kept my 'other' comment. 

Thanks everyone for doing the survey.

I am sorry about the "Other" option. We had not realised that because of the format of the rest of the question it would accept only numeric responses.

We are concerned that if we change it now, it will change the alignment of the data... so we will have to persist. Survey Monkey indeed!

Everyone's comments about what they would have put in the field will be helpful when we write up the data.

Neil, please rest assured that the data will be incredibly useful for supporting cycling promotion. We will make a summary of the results available via our website (and announce it here).

Thanks again,

The Research Team.

I typed something in the other field and then selected a random button to allow me to continue.

Thanks for the quick response, the researchers say they will monitor this discussion for feedback.

it wouldn't accept the explanation of other for when my bike is serviced... i just use another bike!

Thanks Martin,

Quite a few people have made this comment, and we will note it when we write up the data.

The Research Team.

Re the question about whether you have "access to a car"...I answered yes as I'm a member of GoGet, although a very infrequent user of it.

But GoGet is basically car-rental, and everybody has access to car-rental, except perhaps those that are physically unable to drive. Still, such people might be able to reliably get others to drive a car for them, and therefore have "access to a car".

And then there's taxis - which would seem to qualify as "access to a car", and you even get a driver. Just phone them up and they arrive at your door.

So I'm wondering exactly what that question was getting at, and whether my answer was somehow "wrong".

I also answered yes because i'm a goget member.

Also had trouble with the 'other' option.

I first started riding for transport as a child (go to school/work/friends) so found it a bit difficult to answer some of the questions.


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