I don't know that this was picked up yet but I was asked to help spread the word...

Cycling for Transport Survey

Study aim: We are investigating the way that people use their bikes for transport, to support policy and planning to promote cycling. So that the benefits of cycling for transport can be valued correctly it is important to understand how cycling for transport influences the use of other modes of transport.

Are you eligible?             You ride a bike for transport at least once in a typical week
What does it involve?    online survey, approx. 10 minutes
Organisation:                  Institute of Transport Studies (Monash)
More info, go to:              https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/795TKJM
University of New South Wales
Recruitment ends:          31 July, 2013

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I agree with the point about starting to ride for transport. I didn't quite start riding for transport as a child, but I have been riding for longer than I have been working.

Also, my most recent trip was the ride home from work today, but it's not my regular commute, and I don't expect to make the same trip again any time soon.

It is always tricky to prepare a questionnaire to suit everyone, but "i've been riding for transport more than 6 months" is the best answer for you. We are interested to know what prompted you to start riding for transport whenever it was that you started.

Thanks for helping out,

The Research Team.

Hi Colin and Chris,

You have treated GoGet membership appropriately - It is a bit more "personal", and probably more convenient and regular than car rental.

Thanks for doing the survey,

The Research Team. 

Only took 2-3 minutes

Thanks Ken. Your responses will be really useful.

The Research Team.

All done hope it helps progress the cause

Thanks! We hope (and trust) that it will.

The Research Team.

Thank you David. The more responses the better!

The Research Team.

To everyone who has responded to the survey: thank you very much. We've passed 1,000 respondents! This is a fantastic effort. The data will really help to correctly value the benefits of cycling for transport.

We're collecting data until the end of July so if you haven't responded yet we'd love to hear from you.

The Research Team.


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