I have just moved from Erskineville to Tempe and would like to find the safest cycle path into Circular Quay. I live just off Unwins Bridge road. 

Any suggestions?

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If you are down the south end of UB Rd you might go via Tempe Reserve and across to Airport Drive/Alexandria Canal/Coward St to Bourke Rd and  Bourke St, even though there are still messy bits between Coward andGardners Rd and at Botany Rd/Green Square, and when you get to Oxford St you still have the city to cope with.

The alternative might be to get across to Sydney Park  in St Peters and go Mitchell/Coulson/Belmont/Buckland/George (which i hear is just about finished) to Redfern and Chalmers St.

or wind thru Newtown to get to Wilson St, or track a bit further north and go through Sydney Uni, Glebe and Ultimo/Darling harbour to get onto Hickson Rd and go round to CQ under the Harbour Bridge.

Id say you could have a lot of fun exploring different routes!

just avoid the footpath along east side of Princes Highway, at Talbot St (near Railway Rd), where a woman was killed by a turning truck last year.

I've come to like Bob's second alternative, at least the section between Sydney Park and Prince Alfred Park: Mitchell/Huntley/Belmont/little path behind park/Buckland/George. It's quiet and pleasant and enjoyable.

Yep. I live in St Peters, so know the Sydney Park to Prince Alfred Park route described above well. It is really good if you want to go to the South end of the CBD. Just be aware that large parts of Sydney Park are blocked off at the moment.

If I was going from Tempe to CQ then definitely go Tempe Reserve (use the pedestrian/bike bridge), Airport Drive / Bourke, then down Oxford St, then along College and Macquarie Streets. There is a few tricky bits, and the drivers around the airport are particulary homocidal for some reason. It's safest to use the Southern  footpath when going up Coward Street to Bourke St - it's a shared path, but with lots of driveways.

The two routes can be combined - from Buckland/George take a right at Turner St, go through Redfern park, up the hill at Redfern St, left into Young, and then a dodgy right into Boronia (one way the wrong way for 50 metres, but it's a dead quiet street), and then left into the Bourke St cycleway, which links up with Oxford/College and then the north end of the CBD.

This will especially make sense if you're at the north end of Tempe and would have to go backward to get onto Airport Drive.

See https://goo.gl/maps/LKcKI 
(not sure if that will work properly - google maps can be a weird beast sometimes)

Or a slightly different one: https://goo.gl/maps/VsgwC

I do Bob's first suggestion from south of the airport, with little issue - even the messy in-between bits. If you are worried you can footpath it slowly on both these bits - some of which are offical shared paths.  

From Taylor Sq I keep going down the Bourke St CW to William, then take the bike lane to the Parkway, and through the Domain paths (shared) to the back of Hospital road and then down Macquarie.


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