Dutch city blows the mind of visiting city planners!
Love the bit where a small girl rockets along on her bike, and so many other good bits. Woman from Brazil says "I've got to remember this". Dutch guy says "it's not so much infrastructure, it's rethink what a city is for ".


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"In the city center, bicycling accounts for nearly 60 percent of trips" simply outrageous!

Great video Bob, maybe we should organise a boat for us cycling refugees to go there, maybe summer only though? The Brisbane person seemed to have forgotten to wear their hat. Suppose the out of towners were there for Velo City 2017

Just not fair they have this.

Move to Europe?

A year in Nijmegen, maybe I could write a book.

Or at least the life of endless summers, which is what I am doing.

In my case, settling on Karlsruhe or Freiburg I think.

"the life of endless summers"

Sounds like an interesting concept, although I did nearly a year in Bangkok a while back and missed the changes in the seasons. I suspect that would be the case when you have endless summers. On one of my bike tours I met a Pom who had been retired for sometime. He always bought an airline ticket when they were cheapest and he'd fly south away from the northern hemisphere winter and then return to UK for the warm months. He had no particular preferences as to where he went, the destination was determined by the price of the ticket. He managed to see a lot of the world that way!

Much prefer European city planning moved to Australia.

That can be "as well as".

Not too expensive to buy a Dutch CROW manual or two and give to traffic engineers here. But like the video says, it's not so much the infrastructure but what do we want from our cities?

Most traffic engineers here seem to just want residents off their backs about parking.

It never ceases to amaze me that these educated traffic engineers find it difficult to come to grips with the concept that

more bikes = more parking for cars.


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