Cycling in North Sydney: "Register cyclists, says mayor"

"Cyclists should stick to the roads and avoid using shared paths [...] says North Sydney Mayor Jilly Gibson. Further all NSW cyclists should be licensed and registered so that those who speed or cycle aggressively can be penalised for flouting road rules..."

The bright ideas continue at some length on page 5 of the April 11 Mosman Daily, I can't find a direct link but you can see via the clumsy interface at or I'll attempt to upload a screenshot. 

I thought that this would be of general interest here, how should one respond to this?

Is there an advocacy body that actually looks out for the interests of cyclists that might take an interest?


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agree, what about joggers pushing prams, rego for sure 

pushing prams? don't forget the plain joggers, walkers, zimmerframers... Heck, why not make everyone where numbers round their necks.. papers please!

Staggering stuff, point well made.

I use the road and shared facilities. Who designated them shared ??

I am licenced to operate a four and two wheeled vehicle on the road and expect to abide by the road laws.  I certainly don't speed - when peddling. Why should I be required to hold an additional licence?

Just garbage.

Direct link to the story is now available:

How about a biltz of letters to the editor:

Moi aussi! Feel free to steal any points from my letter to Ms G, if you want:

Dear Mayor Gibson,

I read your call for the registration of bicycles in the Mosman Daily and wish to register my disgust at your attitude to the most sustainable, non-threatening and cleanest form of transport available today. Would you prefer that the thousands of cyclists who pass through North Sydney every day on their way to and from work all travelled by car?
You must be aware that registering bicycles would be utterly counter-productive and cost more than it could possibly raise. It might be economically positive if it were introduced on a proportional basis to the registration fee for cars but, since that would result in car registration increasing by probably a factor of ten, I think there would be a huge outcry.
I understand that you witnessed one incident in which a cyclist assaulted a pedestrian. I daily witness motorists threaten other road users with their vehicles. Is that not worse? I do not understand why one incident with a cyclist provokes in you such outrage that you would decide North Sydney Council should spend zero dollars in the next financial year providing facilities for cyclists. Conditions for cycling in the North Sydney CBD are arguably the worst in any CBD in Australia. It is time Council stopped demonising cyclists and actually supported them in the interests of making North Sydney a little less car dominated and more people friendly.
Despite your apparent opinion that they are dangerous, you would find, from a small amount of research that there have been no deaths and very few injuries caused by bicycles in North Sydney in recorded history. Few of the injuries unfortunately caused by a bicycle would be found to be the fault of the cyclist. Cyclists have a vested interest in not crashing into other road users because they get hurt, too.  Frequently, though, non-motorised road users are injured and even killed due to the inordinate amount of motor traffic clogging North Sydney's streets.
I would like to see Council adopt a positive attitude to cycling, welcoming cyclists because each one is bringing one less car into or through the municipality, providing infrastructure to eliminate conflicts with other road users and supporting provision of the HarbourLink bike path to help cyclists avoid the traffic nightmare that North Sydney has become. This would alleviate congestion, reduce conflict and benefit everyone in North Sydney, whether cyclist, pedestrian or motorist.
Surely this would be a better approach than simply demonising the least-threatening vehicle users.
Yours, etc.
Also modified and sent to Council inbox. Now five minutes on one to the Mosman Daily.

Surely they'd have to register motorists firsts. So far its just their cars.

Then they should legalise cycling on the bradfield hwy.


I think you guys may be missing the point. Obviously Jilly "I hate cyclists" Gibson has a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox. She (as everyone else) knows full well that license plates are of absolutely zero use when Joe Public tries to report a traffic infringement, and she (as everyone else) knows that if the police see a cyclist commit a traffic offence there is nothing on god's green earth that will prevent them from apprehending said cyclist and ensuring the full weight of the law (and then some) is applied. So license plates as a means to penalise for speeding etc is a red herring.

No, North Sydney Council rangers require license plates so they can book vehicles for illegal parking - a huge cash cow. Simply ban bicycle parking in the North Sydney Council area - apart from a half a dozen token lockers near the corner of Miller and McLaren to appease those bloody militant cyclists - and watch the cash roll in as anyone who parks a bike anywhere in North Sydney can cop it sweet.

Talk about policy on the run walk.

I say register the Mayor as a looney!

If you elect as mayor an ex-2GB presenter whose highest level of educational achievement is a cooking certificate, you shouldn't expect much in the way of well-reasoned or evidence-based policy.

There is no evidence that bicycle registration would achieve anything, other than to discourage cycling and encourage more cars, congestion and parking problems. But it would cost millions to administer and enforce, and would divert police away from dealing with real problems.

Unfortunately the one piece of evidence they seem to be reacting to is the dickhead that slugged the pedestrian when the councillors happened to be in the park for some other matter.

Not knowing the area, I'd think this is highly atypical, but it is a very unfortunate fluke that it happened when the council were onsite.


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