Cycling in North Sydney: "Register cyclists, says mayor"

"Cyclists should stick to the roads and avoid using shared paths [...] says North Sydney Mayor Jilly Gibson. Further all NSW cyclists should be licensed and registered so that those who speed or cycle aggressively can be penalised for flouting road rules..."

The bright ideas continue at some length on page 5 of the April 11 Mosman Daily, I can't find a direct link but you can see via the clumsy interface at or I'll attempt to upload a screenshot. 

I thought that this would be of general interest here, how should one respond to this?

Is there an advocacy body that actually looks out for the interests of cyclists that might take an interest?


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tricky to know but as he was an architectural type I would say something like an Flexitor® would be his sort of fork

Yes baa baa, but what about the link between him and the current council.

@ Russ

Umm can’t say I do as I thought he had stood back from Council.

I kinda think he lead the path for the Independents and in Manly, we had a good run of Indi Mayors for a while.

I think state politicians are a waste of space too.  I have never met one I had any respect for...

I've only met one and that was at a BBQ. He bought a huge pavlova so my opinion of him may be based more on how good desert was rather than his political achievements.

It's pavlova-barrelling, I tell you!!

Mmm, dessert...

The Pollie Pavlova, a whipped up confection, mainly full of hot air?

North Sydney to be to awarded the golden glove for local council functionally.

Sent to the naughty boy's & girl's corner until they behave.

Hopefully this won't hold up the cycle plan implementation, waiting for the councillors to settle their differences.

Then again we haven't heard from the RMS about their plan yet either. Waiting for the Pacific Hwy and the SHB steps details, which could well be the bottleneck.

It would be great to hear the RMS had completed the ramp design to replace (or as an alternative to the 55 steps) leading to the SHB cycleway.  However, my understanding is that, while very welcome, the project is limited to TfNSW's proposed a 2-way separated cycleway on the western side of the Pacific Highway between Arthur St and West St but we are still waiting on the RMS' response.


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