Cycling in Sydney on ABC Radio National All in the Mind 5 Sept. 1PM

Sydney cyclist Elaena Gardner shares some of her more intimate cycling experiences in this radio program produced for ABC Radio National's All in the Mind program. Exploring the impact of the city on the psyche, the program follows two journeys: one by bike with Elaena, and another on foot with Sydney Morning Herald columnist, Elizabeth Farrelly. The program, produced by Stephen Burstow, goes to air on Saturday 5 Sept. at 1PM with the repeat on Monday 7 Sept. Podcast available from the program website:

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This looks great. I look forward to hearing the program.
Anyone up for some Climate Change Bingo?

My prediction:

Climate Change or Global Warming will be mentioned in the first 60 seconds of the program :)

Hey, it's the ABC and SMH here!
I just happened to be listening ot htis yesterday, and when they mentioned Eleana, I thought must be a SydneyCyclist member! The stuff on french philosophy and losing yourslef in the city was a bit weird. But the cycling comments were excellent.

I could really relate to how you expereice a place with many of your senses when you cycle thought it. Feeling the type of air, the cooking smells, getting to know the people and what they do. Some much enjoyable then passing though in a steel and glass box on wheels, mostly cut off from the outside world.
Glad you enjoyed Elaena's sensory observations on cycling in the city. I think it's very easy for cyclists to focus on getting from A to B as fast as possible and missing out on these kinds of experiences. Just look at the steely, determined expressions on the faces of most commuting cyclists - no savouring of passing cooking smells going on there! Doing those recordings with Elaena has definitely inspired me to take a bit more time and enjoy the ride.
I can totallly understand it. I kind of never bring a map and just let my senses guide me. Sometime i make mistake, however most of the time it get in the first time!
Thanks Stephen for including cycling in the mix of your program. I loved all of the layers of sound in the broadcast. And I enjoyed hearing more about psychogeography.

Right now I'm spending 14 hours a day sitting on front of my computer getting ready for the Churchill Fellowship trip. The longest bike ride I'm getting is to the shops...and I've been feeling a bit blue and wondering why. It was an odd experience to hear myself on the radio telling me exactly what the problem is.

I'm going to give myself a bit of time to 'drift' in each of the cities I go to on the trip...all in the name of research of course.


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