The Rusty Rider course is tailored for those with lower confidence and fitness levels. The course runs at a slower pace and develops the skills and confidence required to be an effective bike rider.

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Leichhardt Council is running some too, in Richard Murden reserve, which is actually in Haberfield, on Hawthorne Canal. For further  confidence building, come on our Bike Leichhardt rides. 

yes, rusty riders, got some airtime on the radio today . the councils are paying for the courses? they are free 

Yes, free. Two levels, rusty riders then a a "confidence building" course where they take you out on roads and show the techniques of lane positioning etc. Bikewise are the trainers. Check their website.

What they say is that even experienced roadies and commuters could pick up some good tips on their courses.

What they say is that even experienced roadies and commuters could pick up some good tips on their courses.

Yup, would be a good thing for sure.

why are rate payers money from the council . paying for the course . courses are free 

Every month the City Of Sydney spends $8,000 on adult bike classes.

When people start cycling for transport it makes the streets safer, less congested, and more pleasant for everybody else

Cycling is all about positive externalities.

Pretty damn cheap compared to the almost nightly fireworks at Darling Harbour and so on. Justified on safety grounds too, a few good lessons on cycling skills and road craft are going to save some newbies from serious injuries. I guess a true blue liberal might ask for a co-contribution though;)

I guess mr 2bg talkback radio host knows about this one as well?

You’re invited to attend a free two hour workshop for supervisors of learner drivers.

Give your learner driver the best possible introduction to driving; their life could depend on it!

The City of Sydney aims to improve road safety with free workshops for supervisors of learner drivers.

This workshop will provide practical advice about:

• laws for learner and P-plate drivers;
• how to use the new Learner Driver Log Book;
• how to plan on-road driving sessions and supervise learner drivers; and
• understanding the benefits of supervised on road driving experience.

Guess it is run by an outside of COS service provider just like BikeWise

who pays for that course to run, teachers. running costs . the local council? the local rate payers ? like the rusty riders course?  the radio person was upset about the council paying $8,000 of rate payers money , giving out free courses 

I'm a rate payer in City of Sydney.  I'm happy for Council to use a portion of my rates to fund cycle training.  

I would rather have bikes in the city than more cars. 

Read Rob's comment below and you'll understand why Council pays for that. 


+1 as a resident rate payer for the last 40 years and +2 as city commercial lease holder for the last 25 years, I fully support this type of expenditure by the council and will be using my 3 votes next year to continue to support Clover and her team against the elephant murderers party, Jones and his Liberal sock puppets and their running dogs. Like many here I will back my voter support with a contribution to Clover's campaign via some money and time and encourage others to do the same. The combined vision of the liberal & labor parties over the last decade does not match that which Clover has each minute and their combined integrity is less than Clover's over the last nanosecond.


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