If you have to be out in this extreme heat any tips on surviving it? For instance I find a squirt from the water bottle thru the helmet holes gives some temporary relief.

I've cycled to work at first light when it is coolest. Luckily I can start early. But I have been catching the train home in the hottest part of the day. Again luckily I can do that.

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Well, duh. But, clearly, I was not, NMSM.

"trust me it is serious"

Yep, me too! A few years ago, I was just about out of it on the road between Upper Rouchel and Singleton, and a couple of farmer's wives got me, bike and gear to Singleton station where I cut my tour short and got the train home. It was no fun!


I am surprised last Saturday's Sydney ride, Over the Hills..., went ahead. The conditions were forecast to be awful and it was.

Our 300 here in Canberra did not go ahead, thankfully.

Yes, me too, QLD ride was cancelled although it was a 400 but scheduled to start at 2am

Carrying a spare pair of socks was one of the best things I've ever done on very long rides - Thicker ones to start off. Change into thin ones at the 100-150 odd km mark. I really felt like I had brand new feet!

Dear Mr Knight, how are you travelling in the heat? Well I hope?

I'd like to thank you and sweaty Señor Toro Marrón, your property manager and consummate gait keeper, for allowing me to cross your property, when I needed quick relief from the heat.  I was riding for Drovers Gap in Woko NP across the Barnard River heading to Gloucester.

Please pass the portrait below, as a gift, to Señor Toro Marrón.

Nice tribute to no 56:)

G'day, Bob. How are you travelling in the heat? Did you click on the photograph?


Just did, something very deep in those eyes.

Been in NZ the last week. Had hot, cold, rain, wind, fire, hail ........

7 deg C in Dunedin was a wakeup after leaving Sydney weather!

Will you be doing a ride report? 

I put a frozen water bottle in my pannier the other day and then forgot about it. When I got back home after about 5 hours out it was still half ice. So if you can keep your bidons insulated it should last.


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