If you have to be out in this extreme heat any tips on surviving it? For instance I find a squirt from the water bottle thru the helmet holes gives some temporary relief.

I've cycled to work at first light when it is coolest. Luckily I can start early. But I have been catching the train home in the hottest part of the day. Again luckily I can do that.

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Yes to the squirt of water and also think around thin sun protection / arm warmers (I would suggest the extra fine wool ones and maybe not the euro fleece ones) and give these a spray of water while on the go, sort of one hand on the bars while you wet down the other then reverse, best not go the full no hands on the bars in these times of Duncs laws.

Apart from double demerit points weekend when the Highway Patrol peoples are keen to find victims, been riding for months without a lid and just stick to the touring but now nasty sweaty cloth bucket hat which I also irrigate. Back of the neck get me and not really sure which is the best way to stop the beast of the midday sun.

I wear a legionnaires cover over the helmet when touring. 

Yeah but..I don't do any bike rattles, squeaks, grinding or flapping very well. Mildly ocd about it really, maybe I will give a cap type a go.

I get a bit of flapping in high winds but otherwise OK. I can always hear the traffic approaching no problems.

I've used one of these for the last couple of years. I put it on when the maggies get excited, because it keeps them at bay, as well as being able to ride in sun and rain. I've toured to places in 48 deg that I wouldn't have made without it. I've had a max of 75kph without any movement of it, and noise is not an issue. I wouldn't waste my money on anything else!

It allows unimpeded airflow around the head, as well as through the helmet vents. Limits rain on glasses, and generally shades most, if not all of the head and face.

Plenty of water complimented with Powerade or similar.

This Christmas I got one of those rinkydink little cycling caps, which I always thought were a total wank.

Now I'm converted. 

I wear it every ride.

I don't notice any extra head heat but I do notice that I have far less sweat running down my face and my balding head no longer needs sun screen - which used to sweat off and then run down into my eyes causing me a great deal of discomfort.

Beside the cap, just drink lots of water. Some of my work commutes have been almost 2 bottle rides - it's been madness for a few mornings! I've been drinking lots and lots of water before and after rides as well. Starting off dehydrated is a sure way to get into trouble. 

I use one of those buff things,http://www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-buffsr/ see "how 2 wear a buff" further down that page, good for the reasons John mentions, plus magpie counter measures and various other uses, one of the configurations can be as head covering and back of neck protection, I have the polyester and wool versions. Otherwise every ride is usually a 2 bottle ride and if long, hot or remote they will be 2 X 1 litre bottles.

Centennial Park can be nice on a warmer day as much of the circuit is in the tree shade or go very early morning or after sunset.

I wear a cancer council rag under Helmut, soaked in water.

And use ebike. A really good torquey Impulse 2 Gazelle.

Many several utility rides yesterday, many more today. Seriously it rocks.

So did the 30km non ebike MTB ride on Friday done before it warmed up.

As an aside: ABC 702's piece on ebikes noted that the trip frequency of an ebike owner goes up to about 8 trips per week.

If increased participation is a major advocacy goal, then I would say that the promotion of ebikes should be a companion to the promotion of infrastructure.

It is odd that there is still so few ebikes out there, I don't see very many at all, I guess still too expensive for a reasonable one and they are still pretty heavy with a reasonable size battery. Need a breakthrough to get the matchbox sized 50g battery that lasts 1,000kms, I might be tempted then

Indeed. I chose my ebike with a firm requirement for it to be light enough for me to carry up stairs and into on-train storage. Quite a few otherwise good models got nixed on that basis.

That apart weight doesn't really matter because of the assistance, and I use it about 50% of the time with assistance off too. That power-off operation only possible because I chose fast rolling tyres.

I think the lack of them is because they have taken a while to mature, and you need to spend $3,000 to get a good one new. If people buy a shitty one they won't enjoy using it.

Good info (once more) Martin, I would really like to see any Govt state or feral just drop all taxes on e-bikes. Seems such a simple thing that would help get suburban peoples out of cars and lessen doing some of the ridiculous trips to shops for milk, schools for lunch drop offs (and keep going with a list of dumb things) with and by cars.
We had the baby bonus, must be time for the eco bonus and ebikes would to cater for all ages of the population.


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