Good Day, Sydney Cycling area is expanding. It's a shame the infrastructure is NOT.


Here is my response directed at our local council who still think white painted cycles on the road & 300mm x 150mm graffiti covered yellow signs are the answer to cyclists safety. Please google cycle routes around Campbelltown NSW & see how it compares to your area.

Hit the track for holiday fun at bicycle centre.

Campbelltown NSW has no bicycle infrastructure. Perhaps this programme could take upcoming cyclists onto Campbelltown roads. Start with taking the 12 year olds onto the Raby Rd M5 overpass during peak hour. Explain that 12 months later they will be fined over $300 if they don't stay on the dangerous roadway. Many more examples could be given. Let's get real Campbelltown. Check out the Parramatta Council cycle infrastructure. Also challenge NSW State Government's repressive anti cycling legislation. Regards, John.

I have submitted my comments to the local paper but expect it to be bastardised or not printed. If it does get printed I expecting a lot of community flack.

What next Guys & Gals?

Regards, John H.

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I recall riding east across the M5 intoCampbelltown a few times, there is a bike lane but does anyone stick to 60? Going west I used the footpath, didn't want toget taken out by left turners cutting across the very exposed bike lane between the left turn lane and the through lane. RMS has done that quite a lot, it's according to the Guidelines but they leave a cyclist out there exposed for up to 100 m.

I think that's the same road I used when out there.  Can't imagine anyone letting there kids ride in that area

Narellan Rd.
Here is the view heading west. Perfectly good footpath on left, but maybe not a shared path from what the OP says.

Yes, you would be nuts to expose yourself to that 100m risk while you can cycle behind that protective barrier.

There's a lot of mystery concerning shared path vs. footpath in some parts.

Often there was no signage but paint was put on the footpath indicating the cyclists should use it. Since then, paint has gone. Penrith has some of that on Castlereagh Rd where the breakdown lane cycling vanishes there are ramps to get on and off the footpath. Ditto the Great Western Highway near the level crossing in Faulconbridge.

Perhaps the OP might like to ask for a shared path to be formalised on (off) Narellan Rd. I am sure a lot of shared path in Penrith got up because there was little objection from pedestrians.

There is a TAFE and UWS campus along a bit further and Google shows some new cycleway heading west towards the M5, stopping suddenly. Looks like they couldn't figure out what to do next. I recall a brown pants episode coming the other way, where the shoulder cut out and you had to negotiate a long fast left slip lane just before the M5. A classic case of designing bikes out of the system and now an expensive retrofit the only option.

Used the footpath on the western side of Castlereagh a little while ago to avoid the underpass, the bicycle slip lane ramp thing was an excellent idea, whoever came up with that!

The on road 600mm(?) wide bicycle lane, not so good...seems there's a lot of belief in the magic of white lines from the heavy vehicle operators out that way,

Yup, I have had nasty losses-of-space on those 600mm magic dulux features, so I avoid them. Ditto the roundabouts.

Hence the use of the new developments north of the station for transit. And flexibility concerning where cycling may be done!

There are some good bits of road as well as path and some features to enjoy in there too. Riverside apart, such as Lewer's Bequest, I go to the 'riff because I must. Not a destination of choice, but a choice destination.

Thanks for your comments Bob. Did you ever try the Raby Rd overpass? Check it out on google street view. I would post a pic or 4 if i knew how to do it on this forum. Check out the views looking both east & west. This is the only route heading to & from many C/Town suburbs which is set to increase with more subdivisions westerly.. Regards John H.


The overpass looks rather hike unfriendly, with only a narrow footpath on one side. The roundabout on the west side adds to the general level of difficulty.

There is a classic bike shoulder on Campbeltown Rd leading to that roundabout too. It looks fairly wide all the way from Campbelltown then suddenly cuts out just before the roundabout.
Echoes of Penrith, which now has quite a lot of cycleway yet minimal participation. A decade ago there was very little.

So much car dependency and free motorway use.

I wonder if there is a Penrith BUG who might advise Campbell town.

There`s no Penriff BUG.

CAMWEST is dead with new president in not giving new info. Website is not up to date and don`t bother to check it out.

I`ve abandoned it and no longer volunteers for them.


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