Good Day, Sydney Cycling area is expanding. It's a shame the infrastructure is NOT.


Here is my response directed at our local council who still think white painted cycles on the road & 300mm x 150mm graffiti covered yellow signs are the answer to cyclists safety. Please google cycle routes around Campbelltown NSW & see how it compares to your area.

Hit the track for holiday fun at bicycle centre.

Campbelltown NSW has no bicycle infrastructure. Perhaps this programme could take upcoming cyclists onto Campbelltown roads. Start with taking the 12 year olds onto the Raby Rd M5 overpass during peak hour. Explain that 12 months later they will be fined over $300 if they don't stay on the dangerous roadway. Many more examples could be given. Let's get real Campbelltown. Check out the Parramatta Council cycle infrastructure. Also challenge NSW State Government's repressive anti cycling legislation. Regards, John.

I have submitted my comments to the local paper but expect it to be bastardised or not printed. If it does get printed I expecting a lot of community flack.

What next Guys & Gals?

Regards, John H.

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Yup, I am afraid I'm likely to agree

Blue Mountains doesn't trespass into Penrith either by the look of it: Upper Mountains has a BUG and Lower Mountains has the off-road group, which makes sense because most of our riding is off-road or minor road otherwise highway- which mostly has cycle paths of some sort already.

Maybe "what's next?" is answered best by visiting the bike shops in Campbelltown and asking them about local advocacy.

I've searched Penrith council website for "bicycle plan", "bicycle", "active transport" etc and very little shows up. There is this document by consultants GTA from 2012, outlining a network of shared paths, and the Council is doing a little of it. They just announced a new bike bridge over a creek that eliminated a squeeze point on a road leading to the Nepean river path and they are doing the new bridge over the Nepean. There is 50/50 funding under the State Govts River Cities program, but Penrith is crying poor and needs a Special Rate Variation to pay for bike facilities. A little less on cars maybe?
Active transport and cycling get a mention in the City Plan

They really are battling a lot of poor decisions made 30 years ago - no footpaths in older suburbs, few bike links, lousy public transport.

On the other hand there is quite a bit of new shared path on the arterials.

And the new developments are getting quite good stuff from the get-go.

I'm grateful for an easy ride north from the station thru new medium density out to the aforementioned Castlereagh Rd (East side), which gets me to the Hertz I need for work. Not to mention access to the river and the famed sake factory.

One Hertz employee has spotted this success, and plans to ditch her commuter car in favour of a bicycle and the boat she craves. How good is that?

Hey John,

Why don`t you go and see LiveBUG  (Liverpool BUG) and ask them for advice of your advocacy for Campbelltown riders.

Or perhaps on starting a new Campbelltown BUG as (CampBUG), (C`TownBUG) or whatever..

It will involve a lot of work. Or start and merge it into (LiveCampBUG).

John, there are some cycleway projects in your area, see

One project is on Glenfield Rd, linking C'town and Liverpool. I think the Liverpool end is already done, there was a thread about a link to Casula.

But nothing to improve connection across the M5, such as a new cycle bridge on Raby Rd or nearby. Maybe that could be lobbied for with your local member?

Caution long rant

Ctown has just announced a by-election to replace the Late Hon Cnr Fred Borg.  The obvious next step is to ask ALL those running for election what they will do about cycling infrastructure. 

For the record and community, I've been living in Campbelltown for the last eight years and true the councils commitment to cycling infrastructure is less than most other shire's.

The Liverpool -Glenfield route ( I use to commute ) is an improvement, and the $ spent on Throsby park section shows true commitment, but that's where the border ends ( most of the route is via Fairfield/Liverpool council who have committed funds). 

Some notable failures to call out. 

It took MP intervention to correct the 10KM detour implemented to avoid the Narrellan road upgrade ( as in you needed to ride 10Km around the 1km roadworks as part of the contractor safety plan ) Even now the road works cycling detour requires you to detour 3k into the suburb to get around a 900m stretch.  ( Meh good for the legs I guess )

Council recently installed a pedestrian Island on Rudd Road ( long needed ) but the design placed two hard concrete islands in the side section where provision was made for cyclists.  No real loss as its 90% car park anyway but when challenged on the design the "safety officer" quoted it meets NSW RMS approval - and that cyclists now required to leave the safety of the buffer zone should do so  carefully .

Lets just put this in perspective.  You leave the1.8m buffer zone beside the designated road way, enter the pedestrian device zone where the concrete and signage require you and a car driver to slow from 60kph and or or squeeze between you and the road furniture.  In a city famous for HiViz wearing commodore ute driving tradies who have score stamps on their doors I don't like the odds.  but as he said RMS approved their design ( and proof RMS will approve the design made on a beer coaster )

lets now take a look at some of the fine features of the M5 - Raby road - enough said here  but has anyone ridden the east side at the Campbelltown off ramp .  - dedicated path way with Armco railing to shield you from the cars and a crossing to rejoin the freeway at the end.  Great but.... no way would I use it.  the debris is mountainous,  they installed road signs in the middle of the pathway which means they cannot use mechanical street cleaners and NOWAY has it ever been manually  cleared in the years I've been there,  you only need to ride around the trees overgrowing the way to prove that.

AND i'm desperate to slag off Camden council who are worse than Ctown!!!

Ahh sigh.   rant almost over:  Campbelltown does not need extravagant infrastructure It needs to start with maintaining its current facilities and not degrade the existing - including the current cycle skills training site ( for the juniors )which is actually excellent.  They have ( maybe state rail has) installed locked bike parking ( accessed by opal card) at the rail station and most new developments do include 1970 level of thought to provision cycle paths and road design.  ( yes something from this century would be better )

But wait - there is light.   One councillor has stepped up and is proposing a Mtn Bike track from Kentlyn through to Wedderburn/Appin  - at least one person sees merit in encouraging riding.  Yay Meg but its so far a single voice  

Sounds like you are doing some lobbying, hope you can get more people involved. Your rant might go down well with the local paper? Or face bomb the Council a bit. C'mon you C'town cyclists! 17 members on Syd Cyclist.

Thanks Jakster for supporting my point regarding lack of Campbelltown infrastructure.

To my surprise the Macarthur Advertiser 18 Jan 2017 printed my letter with little change. I am not sure they understand what Campbelltown bicycle infrastructure means though. It had a pic with the letter of a cyclist in the  mist on the Bong Bong track in Bowral (maybe that's infrastructure). My post was about getting safely from A to B on a bicycle.

One point people are possibly missing in my original post is that cyclists(over 12) are forced onto dangerous roads with the fear of being excessively fined. Campbelltown has lots of pedestrian footpaths with very few pedestrians using them and could be used safely by cyclists as infrastructure to get from A to B.

The current NSW cycling penalties seem to be based on behaviour of the Sydney CBDs cycle couriers and the NSW motorists mind set.

Regards, John H.

Great. Gotta build on that letter, maybe send a list of footpaths suitable for turning into shared paths to the council, or asking for the adjacent road to be made safe for cyclists if they can't/wont do a shared path.

This story about the dismal offering by those in charge of infrastructure and our ideas that we must do something continues to play out. Decade after decade.

We have got very used to having low expectations as every ounce of expectation might breed complacency and we can't afford that.

So, whenever there is a sound from within any part of government that we'd be much better off if we made our places walkable and cycleable, such as in today's paper, it it very interesting. 

Unfortunately we also have not come to expect much when it comes to politicians feeling they are accountable. (see how much Sen Colbeck spends on travel and reckons it's ok. Truly staggering.) This is a country where we have plenty of spare shelf room for reports that don't suit some privileged people. However it is a good thing that has come out and I commend the Committee of Sydney. Maybe change will come from state government looking at community health.

Let's hope that the right-wing  (including Clover haters) of the Libs, plus the Shooters, don't get much say in the current rejigging at Macquarie St. We might see Piccoli take over from Gay. Overnight, some one who "gets stuff". It all could happen.

I would have been happier if the report said ""walkable and cycleable", not just "walkable". It did call for some sort of employer sponsored ride to work programs, but the greater need and bigger task is to get people, particularly women and children, cycling to main streets and schools and pools etc.


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