Thought I'd start a positive post for all the new members....

Today, I cycled to two meetings in the city. It was awesome because:

  • I helped alleviate traffic congestion in the city by not taking a taxi
  • I got to the meetings faster because I didn't have to walk on the congested footpaths
  • I arrived at the meeting mentally alert because of the exercise
  • All cars, trucks and buses were courteous during my ride and had no problem with me taking the lane (no, really!)
  • I got to ride in my "normal" clothes to show that this mode of transport is a valid choice for "normal" people

Why is cycling awesome for you?

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Love your work Kimberley!

Cycling is awesome because...

  • I've lost 30 kilos doing it
  • I've discovered a passion for a great sport
  • I've made lots of great friends doing it
  • My kids love it, and as a result are healthy and active and choose to do lots of other active things
  • I'm a better part of my local community when I ride my bike to the shops, it's a great conversation starter with business owners and it allows me to buy from small businesses rather than just drive to the supermarket
  • It's great fun
  • It's just a great way to get around

+1 for each of Damien's and for each of Kimberley's.

30kgs. WOW. Just wow.

Yeah, what he said. Except ~24kgs and my kid(s) will love it.

I'm sorry, by repeats you mean going up and down Black Mountain THREE TIMES?

I am totes impressed. Was there a couple of weekends ago and drove up the mountain thinking the whole time how I don't think I'd ever be able to do the cycle up. I really admire people who can.

And that's the other thing - the improvements you continually see in yourself.

And the worst of it is that, once you've caned yourself getting to the top, you hafta go back down to start over again, right? :-)

" whilst I munch on my 2nd round of freakin' hungry after a big session this morning!!"

Know that feeling, I did an interval session at 5:30 morning. Had an omelette for brekky at about 7. By 9 I was starving and needed second breakfast :)


  • of the diversity of people who do it, why they do it, how they do it, where they do it, on what they do it
  • you don't need a licence or rego (although you pay the same rate of fuel excise as MV road users...)
  • you don't have to have just the one reason to do it, although one reason is enough
  • there are 3 year olds and 83 year olds who do it
  • it's growing (why else would those who haven't yet had a conversion-while-stuck-in-traffic-on-the-road-to-Damascus experience have a problem with it?)


Because, on my heavy Dutch bike with panniers (between me and all my Stuff, I can be pushing 100kgs up a hill - and I am *not* some kind of Cadel-in-training!), I still keep pace with traffic on Victoria Rd in peak hour, enjoy the morning sunshine, smile at people's dogs, arrive at work in half the time it'd take me on the bus AND then don't have to go to the gym (and if you like gyms, that's fine, but they make me want to lose the will to live - and over a certain age one must Do Something to try and avoid becoming a non-communicable disease statistic).

Oh, and I met my boyf cycling. 'Nuff said. :-)




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