Thought I'd start a positive post for all the new members....

Today, I cycled to two meetings in the city. It was awesome because:

  • I helped alleviate traffic congestion in the city by not taking a taxi
  • I got to the meetings faster because I didn't have to walk on the congested footpaths
  • I arrived at the meeting mentally alert because of the exercise
  • All cars, trucks and buses were courteous during my ride and had no problem with me taking the lane (no, really!)
  • I got to ride in my "normal" clothes to show that this mode of transport is a valid choice for "normal" people

Why is cycling awesome for you?

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wow! go girl

Fantastic. Did your doctor ever recommend it or was it just your friend? I wonder if it's a known thing for psoriatic arthritis sufferers is all.

IANAD (clarification: doctor, or dog, but doctor in this case), but have just a little bit of experience (professionally and personally) with inflammatory arthritises (we're talking about the auto-immune condiftions such as rheumatoid or psoriatic - not osteo, which is a "wear and tear" disease). So I'm not going to answer on behalf of Helen, but the general perception I've had is "move it or lose it". A lot of "sufferers" feel better after getting out and doing some exercise, but often the challenge is being able to as there is commonly associated pain and stiffness (especially early in the morning - it used to tak me about half an hour just to "get going") to begin with, and fatigue as well.

It was really my friend from uni who got me into cycling. When we had lectures, he'd have his laptop out looking at bike blogs! He actually built me a bike, but overestimated how tall I was (I'm only 150 cm) and I couldn't get on it. He ended up giving me his sister's bike from back when they were kids.

Then October last year, I bought myself a beautiful Dutch bike from the people at Gazelle. It's my most prized possession :D

And in support of what sit_ubu_sit said, I'm not a doctor either, but I am a medical student, and I do recall being told in lectures that it's important in inflammatory arthritides, especially ankylosing spondylitis, for patients to keep active so that they can maintain their range of movement. Also, it is taught that the difference between inflammatory and degenerative arthritis is that in the former, pain and stiffness should lessen with exercise, but in degenerative arthritis (basically osteoarthritis), the pain is worsened by exercise.

Thanks for the info. Am so glad that cycling is helping you. And what a lovely bike you have to enjoy it on!

Cycling is awesome because it is a fun, peaceful and economical mode of transport.

Health benefits are nice, but I wouldn't do it as often unless it was fun & felt so nice.

Have only just figured out my main reason, after responding to PeterT's Enlightened cyclist Blog. It is just the fun, sheer adventure, that cycling can get you into. Even riding to work was an adventure, quite often. Always wanted to be an explorer.


Gives you freedom!

Yesterday I rode to uni for the first time (chatswood to paddington) and it was awesome because...

there's quite seriously no other feeling in the world like sitting on bike whizzing down a hill 

or riding over sydney harbor with the wind behind you and the sky turning pink 

or getting to the top of that hill 

or seeing your classmates waiting at the bustop as you pedal past.

Quite frankly. CYCLING IS AWESOME!

or seeing your classmates waiting at the bustop as you pedal past.

love it

Similar to seeing my work mates sitting in traffic on the M4 as I ride past them. Can't help but smile.


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