Data from 2016 Census. Pan and zoom to get to Sydney. 4 layers to view. Nifty. Found it on Alan Davies Urbanist blog where he discusses Melbourne.

Melbourne very CBD focused, Sydney less so, but no one cycling much in vast areas of Sydney to the west of about Fivedock, but some do- read on.

It so happened I was counting bicycles on Lilyfield Rd at Balmain Rd and Hawthorne Canal this morning, along with David Martin from BayBug, to get an idea who cycles in from Fivedock via Timbrell Drive and if any divert around the Lilyfield Hill. Counted about 90 in an hour going up the hill from the canal, and 17 diverting left onto the BayRun. 15 joined in from the south on the Canal road and went up the hill. 94 counted at BAlmain Rd heading in tothe City.

I asked where they came from and (possibly some were the dots on the above sgsep map out west) got riders from Parramatta, Ryde, Ermington, Oly Park, Croydon, Croydon Park, Ashfield, Fivedock, Drummoyne,Dulwich Hill, Putney to name some not all suburbs, and even one guy from Seven Hills. And one had started at Bronte, doing a training out and back, on his way home.

Also heard from one cyclist that Innerwest Council were doing an info stall on Hawthorne Canal yesterday, and that plans for the Lilyfield Rd cycleway are now due out in February. Anyone else stop in?

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I've also been going through ABS Census data to record cycling participation rates by council boundary (for mode of transport to work). Sadly, it shows a decline since 2011 in all councils except Sydney and Waverley.

An ABS media release has other details, with Sydney way ahead ofthe other capitals for public transport usage

The future is not evenly distributed.

Most likely a  reflection on the cycling conditions.  As traffic interaction go up, cycling goes down.  In 2 surburbs traffic intereation has gone down, due to the development of bike paths.

Actions by the state government have also had impact

thanks this is really cool info.... i can see my own dot on the map...a bit sad as no one else seem to ride around here

Interesting. There is a dot on my house, and I recall ticking cycling to work.

Then I checked more than a dozen homes that are packed full of cycling fanatics, who ride at least daily, and no dots... 

Was there an option to not have your data published/made available?

Bob I would have seen and maybe even spoken to you the other day when you were counting, definitely spoke to someone on corner of Balmain Road and Lilyfield Road. Good job.


they are reported by CCD (census  collection districts)  see

It might be that the centroid of this district is right on your house (mine is down the street a bit), when participation is low it is therefore possible to see your dots, when it is higher it gets hidden by other data. It is possible you mates did not ride on that day or started their trip in another way

not sure about the tick box, the only one i recall" was can this be made public in 100 years" 

Makes sense. I was thinking people might just quickly flick through the census and get back to the more important stuff like watching TV.

I'm always happy to see so many people cycling to/from work in my area (NSW 2138) so it just seemed to not align with the mapping - thanks for the explanation.


Oh, so a blue dot represents all the cyclists in a CCD? Map unfortunately doesn't have a key (that I could find) so can't tell exact numbers in each CCD. But if the average CCD is 225 dwellings, you would only expect a few cyclists per dot except for the suburbs fairly adjacent to the City.
James, you must have been the good looking bloke.

Interesting morning. Always see something new, like the bloke with one good arm and one very short arm, but a specially set up handlebar extension that he could use.

Some would say outrageously good looking and modest to boot. These people will be very hard to find though.

That gentleman lives in or very near Breakfast Point, bit of an inspiration. the lengths people go to to ride bicycles to and from work are extraordinary sometimes. Imagine if it was safe, the roads would be chock full of all kinds of people riding all kinds of bicycles for all kinds of reasons. Nirvana they will call it.



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