as you cyclists out there probably know, cycling on princes hwy is annoying an dangerous.

Therefore I created a petition to get a proper cycle way along princes hwy to encourage cyclists and reduce congestion.

Maybe some of you'd like to sign it? Here is the link https://www.change.org/p/a-proper-cycle-way-would-increase-the-numb...


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Need to be a bit more specific, Kris,  Princes Highway is about 800 km long! Not that I disagree with doing it all:) We've just done Bomaderry to Kiama.

if you are talking about actually ON King St, I'd say buckleys chance of getting car parking removed so you could put in a bike lane or path. Back street routes exist as you seem to be aware of, Wilson St, Bourke St, Alexandria Canal, will get you some way out of town, avoiding the Princes. 

I think you've got to propose a plan.

Hi Bob,

thanks for your contribution. I added some more details to the petition. The idea is in fact to start from Broadway to Sydney Park and then keep going all along the Highway. Reaching for the stars :-) 

Would indeed be nice to have something more than a bus lane along Broadway to ride on. Footpath on southern side is quite wide, could do something there from Harris St to City Road. 

As for King St, if it was The Netherlands or Denmark they'd take out the parking and install bike lanes and have a wonderful street. 

Thats Broadway to Sydney Park done.

Bits of the highway between Sydney Park and Tempe bridge have shared paths, eg near IKEA, should be able to make that continuous..

Kogarah shopping street a bit of a challenge. How would you do something there? 

Good luck with your efforts but don't be surprised if they wear you out with years of inaction, and just as you start to get somewhere, they'll change the people that you've been dealing with, so you'll have to start afresh. The empire strikes back!

We need a bikeconnex.  Now what could I do with all those billions....


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