Cycling Remembrance Memorial, Sutherland Friday on April 13 at 1:15pm

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6 Apr 2018 , by CyclingNSW

Many Cycling NSW members have known someone who has died while riding their bikes and more than ever before, with increasing traffic sharing the roads, we all need to reinforce safety messages to all users.

In an effort to remember all riders who have tragically lost their lives while riding, a new Cycling Remembrance Memorial has been erected at Woronora Memorial Park at 121 Linden St Sutherland.

The La Madonna de Ghisallo Patron Saint of Cycling Cycling Remembrance Memorial will be officially dedicated by NSW Police Force Commissioner Michael Fuller on Friday April 13 and all who love cycling and/or would like to remember a fallen rider, are invited to attend.

Guests should arrive at 1.15pm for commencement of the service at 1.30pm.

RSVP by email to: on phone 02 95454677.

The Woronora Memorial Park has been caring for the local community since 1895.

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I don't know about this. Considering the the offenders are drivers what's putting a memorial in a park going to achieve? 

Anyone has thoughts on this? 

Alternative to, and less unsightly than a white bike in there I guess! Pretty sure someone was run down from behind and killed in the cemetery in the last 12 months(??) or so.....the last place you'd expect crazies.

ah yes, that's the connection, was wondering who would have initiated / paid for this but now clear, still a bit odd though, I hope it helps some people deal with their loss but as others have said Commissioner Fuller and the Force he leads could make a very very real difference if they wanted to.

You were right. Found it

stemming from

20kmh , same direction of travel

No charges laid and no mention of MPD

I guess if there was no video evidence, the drivers' word would be taken at face value

I find this a bit farcical with the involvement of the police commissioner when the police can make the greatest impact on saving cyclists lives by enforcement of the metre matters law and mostly they go all anti cyclist on it.

  • I didn't even know there was a patron saint. OK if you believe In good fairies I suppose, but what about the rest of us? Interesting to hear what the Commish has to say- will he do a Westmidlands sort of motorist slam? Or even what the Vic Commish said a few years ago.

Thoughts & Prayers. This is offensive.

Useless. Our patron saint can't stop cars running us over the NSW Police could but refuse to.


We should show this to to the Commisioner, one of his finest was parked just around a left hand bend on a high speed decent, trying to catch speeding car drivers but posing a risk to riders to do so.


Some reportage of the unveiling, comments by Comm. Fuller and related story about unsafe passing 

"..Not a day goes by without a cyclist calling Bicycles NSW to report a near miss.." & "..The organisation [BNSW] provides advice on how to provide evidence of offences, such as helmet camera footage, but police often "laughed off" complaints.,,"

"..The NSW Government is considering an evaluation of the minimum passing-distance Rule...", we know how much use that will be.

Odd that when I first looked at this an hour ago there were 22 comments, I didn't look at them but now comments are "not open", I guess the usual haters had made their contributions.

Noting of course that the story is catogorised as "sport/cycling", part of the problem isn't it?


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