Cycling Remembrance Memorial, Sutherland Friday on April 13 at 1:15pm

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6 Apr 2018 , by CyclingNSW

Many Cycling NSW members have known someone who has died while riding their bikes and more than ever before, with increasing traffic sharing the roads, we all need to reinforce safety messages to all users.

In an effort to remember all riders who have tragically lost their lives while riding, a new Cycling Remembrance Memorial has been erected at Woronora Memorial Park at 121 Linden St Sutherland.

The La Madonna de Ghisallo Patron Saint of Cycling Cycling Remembrance Memorial will be officially dedicated by NSW Police Force Commissioner Michael Fuller on Friday April 13 and all who love cycling and/or would like to remember a fallen rider, are invited to attend.

Guests should arrive at 1.15pm for commencement of the service at 1.30pm.

RSVP by email to: on phone 02 95454677.

The Woronora Memorial Park has been caring for the local community since 1895.

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Yes, agreed that's part of the problem.

Along with the can't be arsed Police that legally ride on the pavements with impunity while their colleagues issues fines for the same with gusto to people most at risk

Would have been nice to screenshot those 22 comments and ask the Police what they are doing about what's a borderline , if not obviously a hate crime while they issue a million dollars worth of fines and oversee the increase in cyclist fatalities in 2017.

 I noticed nicely suited attendees for the memorial opening.

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Almost  like a nice civilized gathering of civil servants spending a pleasant afternoon paid by our taxes while snickering over the deaths of cyclists Do they intend to preside over the opening of more memorials paid for by cyclists life blood

There's nothing wrong with the law! The problem lies with the cyclist hating police refusing to do their duty. In some ways it's a little bit like how they treated the gay community in the 70's. If the police enforced these laws, the numbers of haters would diminish because they would realise that their views are not the views of the majority - like what happened with the Trumbell postal poll. It would encourage more cycling because people would start to feel that the law enforcers were actually on our side.

It only takes the police commissioner to tell them to get up off their arses and do the job that they are paid to do!

With the burden of proof falling on cyclists, many who didn't get the memo there's a unstated Mandatory Camera Law, the police will help drivers make any and every excuse to avoid justice for endangering lives and families.

Duty of Care/Presumed Liability as seen in Canada, many European countries, South Korea, Philippines , China etc etc will possibly help victims of these crimes, and absolutely automatically adjust the self-concerns of drivers and reduce the number of occurrences by drivers and counter the abject laziness of the Police when these offences do occur.

There are some useful insights in this post.

These days LACs have GLOs (Gay/Lesbian Liaison Officers) {I know, sounds bad} and SLOs (School Liaison Officers). That's because ordinary dumb cops had no understanding of how these communities are treated, or what goes on within them, and their policing as Dabba points out was less than helpful.

So, it makes sense to ask for CLOs. Specific Officer FULL TIME roles to work with BUGS, peak bodies and ordinary cyclists to sort stuff out.

CLOs would be a big step forward. 

So in this case the cyclist is the one charged with reckless riding when the motorist yells, abuses and threatens with his motor vehicle weapon, good call mr plod, we know were your sympathies lie

Driver completely innocent

I know the guy who was knocked out, he is in my FB friends.  I didn't know of the incident till I read the article.  Thanks for posting

So driver overtakes cyclists riding legally two abreast,  pulls over, gets out of car to "have a word" and causes a crash  which injures one cyclist and isn't charged with predatory driving? You don't need to actually hit another vehicle under that law.

he wasn't driving?


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