Just spent a week in Singapore. Amazing that considering the almost 90% humidity and 30 degree days that anyone cycles, but they do. 

Something that I noticed at night was that hardly anyone has lights and they hug the curb. At first this terrified me but then I noticed that drivers all overtook with a lot of space, mostly a whole lane. The drivers didn't beep and were not aggressive in anyway. What a dream that would be!

There are also some very nice bikes around town as well as a lot of cycling stores, especially for mountain bikes for the many trails that are nearby.

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oh, that sounds horrid. I saw some of the hopeless cyclists in the park. Wanted to run up to them with an allen key to put up their seats! 

I lived in Singapore for 3 years and left in 09. There's a strong ex-pat + rich locals roadie culture, but you have to be up early to catch them. As for getting home during non-peak hours let's just say it's dangerous at best. I actually think Sydney is easier for sports cycling than Singapore. 

This just in from the NZ Herald today:

I was in Singapore on the way to Europe snapped this bike outside a shopping centre I went into near Raffles

Lots of Indian Singaporeans ride bikes & believe it or not the Taxi's give way they are very nice and polite and treat cyclist's with respect. I did not see any cycle paths however the roads are not to busy as cars cost heaps an example is a new VW Golf over $100 000 Singaporean dollars. I saw a few riders on the footpaths as well there is a 50 km running track around the city did not check it out however may take bikes.

I loved Singapore only stayed 2 days to and from Europe love it and will go back go there if you have not its really nice and the people are extremely friendly.Yes and the city is spotless as they say I did not see any dangerous drivers on the roads except for a few motorbike riders who go a bit crazy


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